I had a dream that Pudge was internally sick with cancer and the only chance he’d have to live was to go through chemotherapy. I’ve seen cancer patients and I definitely didn’t want to put Pudge through a series of painful radiation just so he can “live longer.” Regretfully, I made the selfless decision to put him to sleep and then cried my eyes out. A doctor later tells me that they’ve made a mistake with his file and somehow switched it with another patient’s file. Although it was a huge blur, I probably went hysterical in my dream. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep long enough to violently strangle the doctor. So today as I told this horrible dream to Pauline, I actually cried. I’m stoops.

Coincidentally today, we had to put a sweet Rottweiler to sleep because he had caudal disk/nerve damage and his hind legs were almost close to paralyzation. Sigh.


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  1. Aww, Vicky 😦 On a different note, I’ve read your blog and it’s quite interesting. I truly admire you. Believe it or not, you’re an inspiration to me. I know that you have a long road ahead of you. You’re an amazing person. I

    • Anonymiss, I’m glad you enjoy my blogs. I always thought that my life was consistent and dull but you’ve definitely inspired ME to keep blogging. I appreciate your support 😀

  2. i love this blog too. i feel like crying from all the love.

  3. I know how anonymous feels 🙂 Wow.. tough stuff vik.

    • i appreciate that you read my blogs KP. and yeah, thank goodness it was just a dream! i would’ve been torn up.

  4. I can never get sick of seeing your face. (as stalkerish as that sounds?) But, it’s true,I think you’re beautiful in such a unique and exotic way, even the style you have with how you dress. I wish I really knew you, you seem like such an insightful person. Your whole demeanor that you give off is definitely inspiring.

    • Anonymiss, I don’t know what else to say. You are just awesome beyond words. You definitely made my day. Thank you so much again!

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