a pet lump

Today, I went to the physician check out this inconspicuous marble sized lump that sits right on top of my jaw line. It doesn’t jut out of my skin so you can’t see it at all. The only way you would be able to feel it is if you pressed into my jaw semi-hard. The Doctor asked me some questions and then proceeded to palpate my cheek (well, jaw). “It’s a cyst. Absolutely harmless and quite normal. As long as it doesn’t grow bigger in a short amount of time, it doesn’t have to be removed,” he says. He also adds that if I were to surgically remove it, they would do it from the inside of my mouth so that a scar won’t be left on my skin. I’m definitely not going under the knife if it doesn’t interfere with my health and well-being. But, I’m probably going back every few months for the Doctor to check it for precautionary reasons of course.


2 Responses

  1. My family is prone to them. I have my fair share. Once you know where they are, it’s difficult not to be aware of them on some level. Basically, I can’t imagine that you’ll forget about it and be shocked by sudden growth. Sometimes, they even vanish…but mostly once you’ve found one it’s a buddy for life. I honestly wouldn’t waste the effort/resources getting seen about it repeatedly. Just my opinion…

    • Hey Dustin. I was kind of alarmed when I first noticed it and the Dr. said I had nothing to worry about. And yes, a buddy for life. Haha! Thanks for sharing :]

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