i’m bake-sick

cupcakeAs most of you know, my kitchen is still being renovated and my family has been cooking on our BBQ grill for the past month. As of today, the kitchen cabinets have been put in and stained a beautiful rich dark brown. I will be sure to post pictures once it’s completely finished. The appliances have not been put in yet, but the only one I’m actually concerned about is the oven. My oven (since no else physically uses it). My grandma will no longer use this oven as a storage area for her skillets and pans because my mother said so. I’m a brat, I know. Nonetheless I’m anticipating the installation of my brand new oven which hopefully is today. I need to get back to baking stat because I’m having withdrawals. It’s mostly Bakerella’s fault, her darn blog always inspires me. For the past few days, I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect butter cream icing recipe and tips on decorating cupcakes. Although I’ve never been fond of using them, I’m deciding on actually trying out the decorating bags. For starters, I’ll practice with a 1M tip on wax paper and then move on to cupcakes. I don’t know if any of you noticed, but the red velvet cake mix has been lacking in the supermarkets this year. I have no idea why they’ve been taken off the shelves, but now they’re coming back. I’ve never tried the red velvet mix before, so just in case the supermarkets decide to ban them again, I went ahead and bought 3 boxes. These will be the cupcakes I make to practice my icing skills. Augh! I want my kitchen back now!

Well, in 3 weeks I’ll be on a cruise to Alaska! This year, I have no reason to dread the plane ride or the seasickness because my physician has written me a prescription for these (expensive but very effective) motion sickness prevention patches that go behind my ear (I’m not too sure of the actual name but if you’re interested just ask me and I’ll find out). Note: These are not over the counter patches you buy at a local drugstore. Unlike Dramamine, these patches will not make you sleepy and one patch can last up to 3 days (or until you shower). Yay patches!

Today I have to take my mom to Kaiser in LA for a colonoscopy (TMI, I know). She can’t eat any solid foods, just jello and fluids. I, on the other hand, will drive my butt to Kyochon and order myself a 4 peice drumstick. Yum.


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