Nikon D60

After months of deliberation and indecisiveness, I’ve finally purchased a D-SLR camera; a refurbished Nikon D60 to be exact. It’s a practical, entry level D-SLR and on top of that, it was in my price range. However, I didn’t purchase the lens, just the camera body. I’m still waiting for Amazon to restock on a certain lens my cousin recommended to me. He’s also responsible for finding me the Nikon for $349. Haven’t you heard? He’s my own personal human gadget-encyclopedia :] This will be perfect for taking pictures on the cruise to Alaska. My dad has several Nikon lenses that I can use on the trip so I better start reading up on some “how-to’s” and picture-taking techniques


2 Responses

  1. heyy ur blogs are always so fun. but anyway ive been looking for a dslr as well.. wer did ur cousin find the one that ur getting?

    • Hey thanks for the comment Mia. is where I bought it and it was actually a refurb (no different from a brand new camera). Hope you find the one you like!

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