Hey readers. It’s Saturday. A normal 21 year old girl should probably be out with her friends shopping or eating at a restaurant. You know, a hanging out at a place besides her home. Well, not me. Instead I stayed in and watched four episodes of Gossip Girl on DVD. Season 1 episodes, I’m jumping into the bandwagon  two years late, but better late than never. Unfortunately, nothing interesting has been going on in the world of Vicky. My life is a dull repitition of work, being at home, and over-eating. Alaska will be a nice break from all this…boring.

One of my best friends (well, one of my only) is leaving for Thailand this weekend and isn’t coming back for for 1, 2, or maybe even 3 years. I won’t get to spend time with her before she leaves either, so I’m a little bummed. Although I haven’t spent time with her in the past year, I’ll still miss her. Good luck Anne. I’ll visit you in Thailand next year. Love you!


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