Cullen hometown

In less than seven hours, I’ll be filing onto a plane to Vancouver with my family. From there, we’re going to board the cruise that consists of senior citizens, breakfast/dinner buffets, and underage drinking. I’m kind of sad at the fact that my cousins won’t be going with us 😦 After all, they’re the only people that would have been closest in age to me and Pauline. Technically, the cruise lasts about 5 days; the other two days are for flying from and to LA. I think it’s going to be a nice change of vacation from Thailand, but not nearly as great. This will be a good chance on perfecting my camera skill(z) with my D60, yay! Think of all the ice glaciers I’ll be able to shoot! Hopefully, there will be spare amounts of wildlife I can shoot also. So here I am, sitting carefully in front of the computer waiting for my at-home spray tan to dry so I don’t end up look like I’m from the Cullen clan when I wear a dress for the formal dinners. Although…I wouldn’t mind being a part of the Cullens, especially Edward 🙂

Now, here’s to hoping the Wi-Fi onboard won’t cost us $10 an hour. My dad says it might be $0.20/hour, but he usually isn’t the most accurate source to go to. I’ll have to be up by 4AM, kill me.

See you in Alaska!Sapphire


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