Brand New Eyes

Brand New Eyes! That is the official name for Paramore’s next album and the release date is officially September 29. Three days ago the presale for this album was being held on the site and all I have to say about it is..holy mother. You’re probably asking, “What’s so special about a presale of a CD that’s going to be out on it’s announced release date anyway?” No, my friend. This presale was for the Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set of Paramore’s BNE album. Doesn’t it sound so fancy? This special set is limited to 15,000 worldwide; worldwide and 15,000 sounded a little alarming to me so I was getting myself ready. It took hours to get through to this site so of course I was going a little nuts. With utmost disappointment and defeat, I gave up after five hours of trying. Only then it was the moment when Franco decided to try. You know, just for fun. He called me about an hour later to tell me that he got through and it’s all paid for. Hallelujah! The bad news is when I came home later that night to check the site (because I guess I’m somewhat of a masochist) the deluxe set had not yet been sold out and it took 2 seconds to order. I didn’t actually order another one, just testing it out. You know, for fun…So basically, I spent hours mourning the fact that I might not get what I want, for absolutely nothing.

FYI. It’s not official yet (boy, I like that word today), but I read that Paramore’s BNE tour will probably start sometime after Sept 29. Now, I have to start freaking out again.

BNE Deluxe Set

Speaking of Paramore. No Doubt’s concert date is nearing and I’m really really really really really excited to finally see them again. I mean, my first concert ever was on my 16th birthday with my cousin Tammy to see No Doubt. My cousin practically cried because we were on the brink of touching her fingertips and I, on the other hand, was in complete awe. I will never forget that night. No Doubt and Paramore, who would’ve thought? The two greatest bands on the same stage performing (too bad it won’t be simultaneously). Pit is obviously going to be nuts so I have to wear steel toed boots. Joking. No Doubt is to Tammy as Paramore is to Vicky; it’s always been and always will be. See you on August 1st!


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