hypoglycemic gramps

At 2am this morning, I woke up to my mom yelling my name out and I could faintly hear my grandpa crying out downstairs. My first thought while running down the stairs was that the reason my grandpa was crying was because maybe there was something wrong with my grandma. But I was wrong. I ran into my grandparents’ room and my dad quickly handed me the phone to call 911. The operator asked me for a bunch of information and what the characteristics of his symptoms were. Since this occured while he was sleeping, the symptoms were a little terrifying. He was sweating, crying out in his sleeping, and moving his arms and legs around as if he were possessed. My mom was saying, “It’s going to be okay. Relax your body,” etc. while I tried to massage his legs and relax his body; patiently waiting for help. It took the paramedics about 10 minutes to arrive at my house but by then my grandpa had stopped his strange crying and body motions and slept. Paramedics worked around him and at this point it seemed like he was alternating between waking up (rubbing his face) and falling back asleep. While I tried to prevent myself from going into a panic attack, they asked the procedural questions like:

1. When was the last time he ate? (7pm)
2. Does he have any health problems? (Diabetes & high blood pressure)
3. What meds are he taking? (What meds AREN’T he taking?)
4. When was the last time he took his insulin? (6pm)
5. Does he have any heart problems? (No)

They took his blood sugar (and announced that he was experiencing hypoglycemia), checked his blood pressure, and gave him an IV of something on his foot (I was too distracted to ask what it was, but I’m assuming it was glucose). Within two minutes he woke up and the paramedics told me to ask him some questions (do you know where you are? what is your name?) and thankfully, he answered them correctly. My grandma asked him if he remembered his hypoglycemic episode and apparently, he had NO IDEA. I urged him to spend one night at the hospital and he agreed to it so they took him and my parents followed after. I couldn’t sleep for hours after that incident so I tried to watch some TV to get my mind off of it and obviously, it didn’t work. I pulled my phone out and typed “hypoglycemic symptoms” on google and read up on it. The type of episode my grandpa had was obviously in his sleep so his symptoms are different from one who would be concious and aware. My parents came home about an hour after they left so I assumed everything was fine. The hospital called early this morning to let us know that my grandpa was ready to go home. Oh look, the van just pulled up to my house. He’s back 🙂


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  1. You should always make sure your grandpa takes his blood sugar test “before” going to bed…. that way if it’s too low.. he can have a snake or some orange juice or anything sweet. If it’s too high.. he can adjust his insulin to bring it down. Good Luck, Peter.

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