just keep swimming

Good morning  and Happy Sunday to you! Although the weather is chilly, the sun is out and that is just how I like it. Winter came slow this year, could be because of global warming? I wonder…

I missed the black Friday sales this year, again (just like I would every year). I could never see myself camping outside of an electronics store just to get a good deal on a laptop or a television. I’d rather just buy it full price when there is no pushing and shoving involved. I don’t like dealing with a huge crowd or people in general. I did, however, enjoy my black Friday driving home from work because, guess what? It was traffic free! I got home in nearly less than 30 minutes as opposed to the hour long stop-and-go traffic. Exciting? Sure. This is what my life consists of. Driving 54 miles everyday…in traffic.

It has been almost two month since I’ve started my “independent” diet and I think I’m doing fairly well with it. The good news is I’ve already lost 12 lbs. on my own! Round of applause, please? I for one, never thought I’d be able to diet on my own. I’ve always thought of myself as a glutton when it comes to good hearty (we don’t use the word fatty) foods. But, I did it. One day I woke up and I told myself, “Vicky, you are going to Thailand in 6 months. You want to wear sun dresses and bikinis with confidence? Get your sh-t together and lose some weight.” I quit junk food cold turkey. That means I banned boba, chips (which are my ultimate weakness), cakes, or basically anything with tons of sugar. I also cut down on carbs…a whole lot. I didn’t completely ban chocolate from my life because I’d probably go into an epileptic shock if I didn’t have at least one Godiva a week. Yeah, okay. I decided stock up on yogurt, fruits, granola bars, veggies, anything I wouldn’t eat if I weren’t on a diet. Oh and it also helps that my parents decided to go ahead and buy me that elliptical machine I’ve been wanting for months. I work out, at most, four times a week but god knows I get lazy once in a while and end up skipping a day. I’m shooting to lose 10 more lbs. and I’m praying to Buddha that I’ll reach it. Wish me some more luck!

Love, Vicky.


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  1. You can do it ms. viky! =)

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