Hey strangers! I’m not going to go on about how irresponsible I’ve been regarding updates on this blog anymore. There’s hardly anything exciting to blog about, unless you want to hear about what I have for lunch at work everyday, which I assume, is highly doubtful. The only thing  that has been running through my mind lately is “I want to go to Thailand!” Skipping a year definitely increases anxiousness to go. If only the red shirts would stop protesting. After all, they’re not going to get what they want in the end. Idiots.

Now for some good (or bad) news? Well, you can decide. It’s been about a week since I’ve gotten my braces on. Yes, braces. Me, A 22 year old with braces. I know, I know. It’s not a big deal because there are plenty of adults who went or are going through this too. I just wish my parents would have thought about this when I was in, oh I don’t know…middle school?! Well, on the other hand, I’m just glad I finally have them on. “Better late than never,” right? The doctor tells me that my case is going to take about 18 months (which is the standard amount of time for most cases), so it isn’t too bad. A year in my life flies by pretty quickly so I’m not too mopey about it. I also have to mention that my braces are not metal! Amazing? I think so! Ceramic brackets are probably one of the best things that have happened to me. They may be a tad bit bigger than metal braces and my lips may jut out a few millimeters more, but when people tell me they didn’t notice my new braces until I pointed them out, it makes me a very happy little girl. My mom has been making fun of my lips all week, I want to punch her in the neck. I can’t help but laugh too because I probably do look somewhat ridiculous. It’s been harder to talk with them on, my “s'” sounds are horrible and it’s more difficult to say things in a clear manner. Every time I eat, mounds of food purposely make their way into the space between the wire and the brackets, it drives me nuts! Toothpicks and brushing my teeth after lunch are now a must. The doctor also decided to ban my ability to chew so he went ahead and threw some blue cement on my bottom molars. Just kidding, there’s a crucial reason to why I have those on. My ortho isn’t that evil, but that dental assistant named Leo is (a.k.a. Franco’s cousin). Haha! Anyway, the blue cement that is resting on top of my molars are to open up my overbite. I have a serious overbite party goin’ on in my mouth, so serious that I could accidentally bite down and knock my bottom brackets off. Ouch! Don’t want any of that. To sum it up, I feel like a have a time machine in my mouth and with these bands in, I’m probably getting ESPN. The best part is, I think I’m already getting use to it. I can’t stop smiling at how much of a dork I’ve become since getting these braces on. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. I just can’t wait for the day I get these babies off.


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