Happy Monday everyone! Hope your Monday blues are over, I’ve had a rough day but I’m good now! There are some things I know I shouldn’t worry about, and then there are things I should. The only thing I’ve been obsessing over is taking good care of my braces/teeth the past 2 weeks. I have so much ortho gear that I’m certain it will  make the doctor proud. I’m going to do the best I can to keep these teeth as healthy as possible, they say  it speeds up the movement. I’m also planning on taking pictures of my teeth on the 1st of every month just to document the changes to look back on in the future. Sounds fun, right? Right. I’m planning on posting at month 5 or so, so if you’re interested please check back in a few…months. Haaa! After all, I’m only two weeks into this thing, there’s no point in grossing you out just yet. As far as my enunciation of words, I think I’ve improved in most sounds. No one at work is making fun of me as much as the first few days I had them on. I would’ve kick their ass anyway, haha! I’m proud to say I haven’t attempted used any wax on the wires so the inside of my lips/gums are definitely toughening up and getting use to these foreign objects. Another thing is, I think my lips may be getting accustomed to the brackets and it no longer looks like I’m storing nuts in my mouth. Awesome. Eating isn’t such a pain in the ass anymore, well only until the next time my braces get tightened. Unfortunately, I still can’t bite into foods (such as pizza, burgers, sandwiches, etc) from fear of popping off the front brackets. You should have seen me at In & Out the other day, it was a mess. While I was attempting to tear my burger apart, I wanted to shoot myself. Who knew it would be so hard to detach a sliced tomato?

Well, I guess you could say I’ve re-learned the inside of my mouth. I’m peering into it thoroughly after every meal and also brushing after lunch, something I would have never done before. This Saturday will make it four weekends I’ve been driving my butt to Santa Monica for some minor maintenance. After that I’ll be going back every 4 weeks to get them tightened. What a journey.


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