Let’s start this blog off with some good news. I went to my Ortho today to get the rest of my (2) brackets put on and the dental assistant tells me my teeth have already started moving! He showed me the movement that the brackets have been doing the past few weeks versus the one that didn’t have a bracket. It was pretty awesome. I know this sounds weird, but I can’t wait to get them tightened again!

Obviously, tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and my family is going to celebrate it by eating dinner at a Chinese Restaurant in San Gabriel. Nothing says “I love you” more than a giant plateful of succulent lobster, right? My mom is still thinking of what gift I should buy her, so she told me to ‘stand by,’ that woman. Really though, my mom deserves the world. I’ve never met a more caring and loving person as much as her. She teaches me to see the good in people and to never judge anyone around me. I was also taught to empathize by her, to take in consideration what others might be going through before seeing the negatives in their actions and words. Forgiveness is one of her stronger traits, so I definitely know where I get it from. Aside from our similar personality traits, she also gave me her hands, feet, and her figure. I’m not kidding, my body is a clone of hers. Love you, Mommy 🙂


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  1. Good luck with the braces btw… they are such a pain

    Aww love this post!

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