About Me

My name is Vicky Limtaveemongkol, people get a kick out of my last name by pronouncing it 10 different ways. No, I’ve never had Thai BBQ in my life, but I do enjoy all types of ethnic food (and I really do mean all types). I work my family’s wholesale jewelry store called Sidney Imports Inc. in Downtown Los Angeles. My plan is to follow in my father’s footsteps and learn more about taking over the business. Although I don’t consider myself very good at baking, needless to say, it is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m mostly addicted to making cakes and/or cupcakes. I have one other younger sibling and her name is Pauline, she’s a pain in my ass but she keeps me company when I need her. People are often confused at how close we are because we never fight, ever. The people I am closest to in my family are my cousins, Tammy, Desi, and Riley (their monster-saurus baby). You could say they’re my mentors, role models, and my best friends as well. My dog’s name is Pudge (I got his name from the Lilo & Stitch movie; remember Pudge the fish?), Pudge is my little bundle of joy that I definitely can’t live without. Last but not least, my boyfriend of over 3 years: Franco Infante. What can I say? He is my everything. His ability to support me in every aspect of my life is phenomenal. He’s caring, loving, honest, loyal, kind, friendly, trusting, and everything you could want in a parter. The best part about having him around is his compatibility and his unconditional love for my family. I couldn’t have chosen a better man to be with for the rest of my life.

Well, I’ve pretty much sumed up what I’m made up of to the best of my ability. Be sure to enjoy my blogs daily!


2 Responses

  1. Sounds real familiar.

  2. wow.i love you!

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