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gloom = happy
December 6, 2009

Wow, is it almost Christmas again? Is it just me or is each year passing by more quickly than it use to when I was younger? Either way, I take it as a bad thing. However, the good thing is the weather is now what it was suppose to be 3 months ago. Cold and gloomy! The gray, orange, red, yellow color setting in my neighborhood is beautiful. I think I should take my SLR to shoot in this ‘Twilight’ weather.

This year, I have two Secret Santas to shop for (plus Riley and my Grandparents). One from work and one from the family, both of which shouldn’t be too hard. One down, four to go! Let’s see how far I get with Christmas shopping today.

Off topic, but nonetheless good news. My mom decided to give me a belated birthday present this week; $200 to spend on a wallet. I went on to look for L.A.M.B. wallets and it was an epic fail. It took a few hours until I arrived at ‘Checkout’ button…for a brand new purse. Most of the L.A.M.B. purses were on sale. Why do you do this to me Zappos? Why?! Zappos also gave me an early Christmas present, a free VIP membership. 1-day shipping for absolutely zero dollars (plus zero tax), wow. All the more reason to go ahead and enter my credit card information as quick as possible. As I type this 2nd to last sentence of my blog, this song comes to mind. “I’m just a girl in the world. That’s all that you’ll let me be!” -No Doubt


Happy Birthday Riley!
July 27, 2009

Do you recall me moping and whining about not being able to bake because of the condition of my kitchen? We’ll definitely have none of that anymore. After 6 long months of eating out and possibly gaining weight, my kitchen is officially finished with it’s renovation. I would also like to add that my oven is not only a regular oven, it’s a touchscreen oven. Fancy, I know. I already baked a few cupcakes last night and I think the designs turned out okay considering it was my first time shaping fondant. I still need a lot of practice. Let me know what you guys think 😀


A few months ago, I signed up for another meet and greet with Paramore just for the heck of it. Since I already won a meet & greet with them in 2007, I wasn’t expecting to win in the least bit. A couple of days ago, I signed on to the club website to check if they posted the winners. Well, it turns out that I have been picked to meet them again! Holy crap! I was planning on giving this meet & greet opportunity to my cousin Tam but apparently, that’s not allowed 😦 I can’t believe I’m going to meet Paramore again! Ahhhhh! The concert is 6 days away and I’m already squirming in my seat just thinking about it. My cousins are going to 2 of the shows; one takes place today, which is the first show No Doubt has here in LA. They are dedicated fans 🙂

Last, but not least: Riley turns 2 years old today! I can’t believe how fast time flies when it comes to kids and their growth. Riley is truly a blessing in my life, I can’t emphasize that enough. He is now talking and interacting, not to mention he’s in his “No” phase and I secretly love it. I also love the fact that he calls me “kee-kee” because it’s impossible for him to say Vicky. Did I mention that he’s an indestructible ball of energy? And speaking of balls (no pun intended), his birthday party this year will be basketball themed which is very similar to last year’s. My cousin decided to celebrate his birthday the day after the No Doubt concert, so hopefully I won’t be too dead the morning after. Here’s what his invitation looks like, so if you didn’t get one, you’re not invited. Haaa! Joke lang (that was for Tammy).

Riley's Invitation

radio shack
March 2, 2009

Going out Saturday was a bust. Franco got sick from eating the spicy food at Ord Noodle (my favorite restaurant in Thai Town) so we ended up going to his place to crash. He was beginning to feel better after our nap so we quickly took the chance to go out with what was left of our time. Let’s just say we walked into Best Buy and Toys ‘r Us for absolutely no reason that day. Franco’s mom was hosting a birthday party for his uncle at 6PM so we headed back home in less than an hour. On the way back,  we decided to stop at Radio Shack to get a $50 gift card for his uncle’s birthday. Radio shack, random. I know. We were out of options. Haha!

I was planning on posting a Vimeo of Riley dancing (that I shot today) but apparently, the site says I’m in still in line for the video to process and it’s going to take 110 minutes. Lame! Check back later if you want to see the little monster in action 😀

Happy 21st
November 23, 2008

…to me! I can’t believe I’m already 21 years old, I don’t feel like I’m at that age yet. I still have so much growing up to do (mentally that is). You probably already think I’m planning to go out and get drunk until the wee hours of the night, but if you do know me, you know I wouldn’t. Not right away at least, heh. Korean BBQ with my family sounds more appealing, I just want everyone to be together for my birthday (and food is all I ask for). For my birthday I recieved a couple hundred bucks from my family which will most likely be saved for Christmas gifts anyway, yay! Franco bought me the white version of the G1 that I have been longing for since the first time I’ve seen it and I can’t wait for that! I’ll be back to blog some more later, I need to get my grub on.

short weekend
November 9, 2008

Why did Saturday fly by extra fast this week? After not having seen my boyfriend for two weeks I guess 8 hours of spending time together was barely enough for me. I know it’s only Sunday morning but I’ll already be going back to work tomorrow, augh! Right now, I’m wishing that I was still going to school so that I can enjoy the 4 day weekend that has been given to students for Veterans Day. Okay, I’m done complaining.

So my 21st birthday is coming up in two weeks and I’m hoping I can take a trip to Vegas or somewhere more creative (suggestions?). Franco doesn’t have any ideas for what to do on my birthday so we’ll probably end up going to Vegas at the last minute, I don’t enjoy wasting my time planning out events, let’s just go Babe! With all the changes and cirmcumstances, I’m hoping my cousins will be able to go too. Ugh, not to mention that I’ll have to save all of next week’s paycheck for this.

A few days ago I got news that Paramore Lost Show will be taking place at Hollywood & Highland in L.A., I know this will sound very awkward and wrong but: I’m not going. This will probably be the first Paramore show I’ll ever miss that’s within my area, depressing isn’t it? The day the concert is taking place will be on a Tuesday and god knows that I can’t miss work the next day. I wouldn’t be able to function! For some reason, I’m not too upset about missing their show this time because I guess my mentality is, “been there, done that.” Paramore, I’m waiting for your “next big thing.”

October 21, 2008


priscilla’s invites
October 9, 2008

Priscilla’s 22nd Birthday is coming up and she has decided to host a costume party at her place! So I did her a little favor and helped her out with the Myspace Invites :] You like?

October 6, 2008

Work was a surprise today. Instead of the Dr. E I expected to see, Dr. A pulls into the clinic parking lot in his black pick-up truck. It wasn’t surprising though when Dr. A held me up to help him in surgery about an hour after I was suppose to clock out for lunch. No problem though, I’m not complaining about getting paid overtime at all. Hehe. Today Dr. E called to ask if it will be possible for me to work on Friday and I was a little hesitant on giving him a direct answer because my Aunt is already expecting me to work at Silverlink that day. What a dilemma.

So yesterday I bought a Halloween costume at for Priscilla’s Birthday/Costume party. I’ve decided to go to as a S.W.A.T. girl. It’s a pretty conservative outfit compared to all the others I’ve looked at, plus I’m pretty self conscious about showing my body. I just need to find some cheap, tall leather boots with heels and a belt. Why do my problems always involve parting with my hard-earned money?

Wicked III
October 4, 2008

Last night I saw Wicked for the third time, it doesn’t make me insane just slightly obsessed. Glinda and Elphaba were played by the same actresses as the last time I went and it still gave me chills to hear them again. If I could go just one more time before December, I would be so grateful. I think that would be asking for way too much though, heh. I’m really happy that Jemimah loved it and I’m glad I was the one that could share this wonderful experience with her on her birthday. So last night I drove home in a frenzy, snatched my PVAS envelope from the kitchen counter and opened it. The suspense has been killing me for 3 days, I was already prepared for the worst. “Dear Victoria,” I quickly read, “Congratulations! This letter is to inform you that you have been accepted to the Veterinary Assistant Program for the class beginning on Wednesday, October 29, 2008.” Holy crap. Thirty places and I was chosen to be one of them, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and happiness. My math and verbal skills scores were way above average, but on my Veterinary information test I recieved a 73%. Not too bad but I felt like I could’ve done a lot better. I guess working in a hospital actually did some good for me on this exam.

Today is Franco’s 25th Birthday! We were planning on going to Benihanas or Medieval Times but he decided on Korean BBQ instead. Since it’s his birthday today, I graciously let him choose whatever place he wants to eat at. The other 364 days is my choice of course, haha! I better go get ready now. I could possibly put in some more blogging later so check back!

my saturday
September 21, 2008

Good morning blogger world. I woke up to a gloomy Sunday morning but I’m glad that the weather is changing. Today I’m planning on going to the Thai Cultural Festival on Hollywood Blvd (Thai Town). That’s right, despite the low population of my people in California, we still have our own little town. I can’t wait to eat there :]

Yesterday me, Franco, my sister, and her friends wanted to go to the Glasshouse for a clothing sale. It was my first time at one of these sales and I actually really enjoyed it. Most t-shirts were $10-$15 but I only took advantage of it by buying one shirt from [ASC.] since they had the cutest pick of designs. On a last minute brink we all decided to go to Old Town Pasadena, one of my favorite shopping places. We didn’t stay too long because nobody had money to spend, plus we were starving we so headed back home for some cheap food. We watched “My Best Friend’s Girl” only because Franco had free tickets to blow :] The movie was actually pretty good mostly because I think in a weird twisted rugged and perverted way, Dane Cook is really handsome. Heh.

Franco’s birthday is coming up and I already know exactly what to get him and apparently, he knows too. It was my fault that I blew the secret but I’m actually glad he knows because I was seriously stressing over whether he would love it or hate it. I hardly doubt that he would hate it so I guess it’s all a matter of him using it to it’s full capacity, which he says he definitely will. Needless to say, I’m planning on driving my butt all the to Victoria Gardens sometime next week to pick up the iTouch (16gb) for 10% off. That’s $30 off! (Thanks, Abel. This guy always has a way of hooking us up)

Next stop, Thai town!