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gloom = happy
December 6, 2009

Wow, is it almost Christmas again? Is it just me or is each year passing by more quickly than it use to when I was younger? Either way, I take it as a bad thing. However, the good thing is the weather is now what it was suppose to be 3 months ago. Cold and gloomy! The gray, orange, red, yellow color setting in my neighborhood is beautiful. I think I should take my SLR to shoot in this ‘Twilight’ weather.

This year, I have two Secret Santas to shop for (plus Riley and my Grandparents). One from work and one from the family, both of which shouldn’t be too hard. One down, four to go! Let’s see how far I get with Christmas shopping today.

Off topic, but nonetheless good news. My mom decided to give me a belated birthday present this week; $200 to spend on a wallet. I went on to look for L.A.M.B. wallets and it was an epic fail. It took a few hours until I arrived at ‘Checkout’ button…for a brand new purse. Most of the L.A.M.B. purses were on sale. Why do you do this to me Zappos? Why?! Zappos also gave me an early Christmas present, a free VIP membership. 1-day shipping for absolutely zero dollars (plus zero tax), wow. All the more reason to go ahead and enter my credit card information as quick as possible. As I type this 2nd to last sentence of my blog, this song comes to mind. “I’m just a girl in the world. That’s all that you’ll let me be!” -No Doubt


just keep swimming
November 29, 2009

Good morning  and Happy Sunday to you! Although the weather is chilly, the sun is out and that is just how I like it. Winter came slow this year, could be because of global warming? I wonder…

I missed the black Friday sales this year, again (just like I would every year). I could never see myself camping outside of an electronics store just to get a good deal on a laptop or a television. I’d rather just buy it full price when there is no pushing and shoving involved. I don’t like dealing with a huge crowd or people in general. I did, however, enjoy my black Friday driving home from work because, guess what? It was traffic free! I got home in nearly less than 30 minutes as opposed to the hour long stop-and-go traffic. Exciting? Sure. This is what my life consists of. Driving 54 miles everyday…in traffic.

It has been almost two month since I’ve started my “independent” diet and I think I’m doing fairly well with it. The good news is I’ve already lost 12 lbs. on my own! Round of applause, please? I for one, never thought I’d be able to diet on my own. I’ve always thought of myself as a glutton when it comes to good hearty (we don’t use the word fatty) foods. But, I did it. One day I woke up and I told myself, “Vicky, you are going to Thailand in 6 months. You want to wear sun dresses and bikinis with confidence? Get your sh-t together and lose some weight.” I quit junk food cold turkey. That means I banned boba, chips (which are my ultimate weakness), cakes, or basically anything with tons of sugar. I also cut down on carbs…a whole lot. I didn’t completely ban chocolate from my life because I’d probably go into an epileptic shock if I didn’t have at least one Godiva a week. Yeah, okay. I decided stock up on yogurt, fruits, granola bars, veggies, anything I wouldn’t eat if I weren’t on a diet. Oh and it also helps that my parents decided to go ahead and buy me that elliptical machine I’ve been wanting for months. I work out, at most, four times a week but god knows I get lazy once in a while and end up skipping a day. I’m shooting to lose 10 more lbs. and I’m praying to Buddha that I’ll reach it. Wish me some more luck!

Love, Vicky.

February 14, 2009

Why is it whenever I’m completely broke I tend to have a “want” impulse yet, when I do have money I can’t seem to make up my mind about what to buy. After my indecisiveness in what I wanted as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Franco decided to take me on a $300 shopping spree. Holy moly!  Unfortunately my attempt of trying to find something turned out to be nearly impossible :[  A thousand stores later I finally made up my mind on what I wanted. It was a unisex circle scarf from American Apparel. rsa2502_altIt “claims” that you can wear it thirteen different ways but keeping it a regular scarf seems to look better. So, shopping at Old Town Pasadena today wasn’t a total bust;  the weather was nice (well, extremely cold but at least it was sunny) and I finally got to spend time with Franco after missing him for two long weeks.We stopped at Target on the way home to buy some gift wrap for my mom and I ended up spending $45 of my Valentine money on my sister. Her god forsaken straightener has been begging to be replaced and since I hadn’t thought of buying her a birthday gift yet, I gave in to a new straightener. “Ahhhh!!! There’s a caaar!!!” Good job on the driving Lin, you do great at 15 miles an hour, hehe.

Good news! Franco finally found some pretty good Laker tickets to buy (it was my gift to him for Valentine’s Day) so we’ll be going on Friday. Keep in mind that this will be my first time ever going to a live sporting event; the things I do for the guy I love.

Well, tomorrow I’ll be driving down to Porter Ranch for my dad’s cousin’s daughter’s birthday party (haha! that was a long thread), she’s turning 2 years old.

super toilet
December 31, 2008

This morning I woke up at 9, got dressed, and headed to Puente Hills for one reason: Twilight. I can’t believe I’ve watched this darn flick four times and I’m still not sick of it. It’s amazing what this movie does to people. Thank you, Stephanie Meyer! You’ve done such a great job of making a complete fool out of the entire female population with your creation.

Today is New Year’s Eve and guess where I’ll be! At home, in my room, and possibly with some pigging out involved. Another year has gone by so fast, I still remember sitting here at this exact same spot and wearing the exact same robe as I was last New Years. I am the epitome of lame. Don’t worry about me though, one of these days I’ll attempt to do something special.

Here’s some random news. Last night I came home and saw that I needed some toilet paper in my bathroom. I walked into my parent’s bathroom (because that is where the toilet paper is kept) and saw this:

super toilet

Is that totally bizarre or what? I nicknamed it “super toilet” because that’s what it definitely looks like. The thing has a seat warmer for crying out loud.  Remember when I posted a blog about cold toilet seats in the winter time? It looks like my parents won’t be having that problem anymore. Haha!

family time
December 28, 2008

Today we celebrated my family’s gift exchange and BBQ at my house. My Aunt had been my Secret Santa all along, we picked each other’s names :] She told me that she had no idea what to get me so she just placed $250 in a money counting jar (that I’ve been wanting for years). Once the mall starts restocking brand new items, I’m going shopping!

The presents everyone was waiting to open

Presents 2008

My cousin Tam’s spamifornia rolls, mmm

Spamifornia Rolls (Tam's)

We went the “healthy” route. Sukiyaki!


My Grandma & Riley

Grama & Riley (2008)

Riley’s Chicken Dance

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Random clip of Monster Baby

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Christmas day
December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m off to Porter Ranch for some family and food! Stay safe and warm.