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still unfinished
June 18, 2009

Hola compadres. Remember when I blogged about almost getting my oven installed? Didn’t happen. My kitchen is still crap. I want to bake and I can’t. Surprisingly, I’m sick and tired of eating out and I don’t know how much longer this renovation is going to last. The construction workers are supposedly “waiting for our custom-made counter tops,” but I don’t believe them. I just want my house back to normal already. It doesn’t feel like home when there’s plastic covering the walls and when the floors are taped with cardboard; that doesn’t help the fact that my dog likes to poop on paper. It’s unbelievable that a 1 minute accident can cause months of remodeling and construction. Poop.


January 22, 2009

My allergies have been acting up ever since they put those giant fans that are drying the walls, I guess it’s stirring up all the dust in the house. The good news is that they’re taking out more than half the fans today so my family is now able to hear each other’s conversations in the normal tone of voice. As usual I went to gym, got in my 45 minutes of cardio, stopped at Sally’s for hair dye, then headed to Target to buy diet sodas. I should’ve figured they would be out of Diet Sunkist, augh!  That darn drink always seems to sell out quick! I also found these flavor blasted goldfish my sister made me try, they’re really good. I have to limit myself to a few pieces a day though since I’m on this strict diet :[


mushy walls
January 16, 2009

Hey everyone. My house is currently being raided by a cleaning crew because the carpeting in the guestroom was flooded. They’re sucking out water from under the wooden floors and walls (the walls are mushy, gross). I ended up sleeping in my cousin’s room with my sister last night and I had the greatest sleep. As most of you know, my sister’s permit test was scheduled for this morning at 10. Sadly, she ended up not being able to take it because she didn’t know that she needed proof of enrollment in drivers’ training. When we left the DMV, she was so frustrated that she actually screamed her heart out in the car, lol!

I don’t how how long the house repairs are going to take but I’m hoping it doesn’t take more than a month. In the meantime I’ll be using my Grandpa’s van for transportation. The last thing I need to worry about is my car, I just really want my part of the house to be stable again. (sigh)

I feel bad for my parents.

it’s bad.
January 15, 2009

Today my grandpa had a very big car accident and ran into the garage today. Thankfully he’s not physically hurt but our garage and a part of our house is just completely ruined. Apparently, he lost control of the brake and rammed my car into a big wall in the garage. As a result the guest room bathroom, that is connected to the laundry room, is trashed beyond repair. The water system started leaking slowly and went from the garage to filling half of the living room. While this happened I was in my parents’ shower when I felt (and heard) a huge thud. At first I figured it was an earthquake so I immediately ran out of the shower (with soap all over the place) and called for my grandma. She called my name back and said, “Grandpa ran into the garage. Come down!”  I ran back into the shower, cleaned myself off, and raced downstairs. My heart dropped when I saw the explicit damage of my house and my car. A wave of panic overcame my ability to stay calm so I called my Dad and couldn’t help but start to hyperventilate. He had to tell me to “Not panic, calm down, and everything is going to be okay.” Unfortunately, mine and my sister’s room is right above the garage so we’re not allowed to sleep in there until they fix the broken pillar. The computer has already been moved down here to the dinner room and we’re probably going to end up sleeping in the other living room for a few days (it’s a good thing we have two living rooms). I’m exhausted but I’ll probably blog again later, or tomorrow. Sweeping water out of the room and having panic attacks drained me. Enjoy the pictures..

pillar below our room

my poor car

the wall ran into

pudge playing in the flood

water everywhere

the guest room bathroom

tourist pics
October 21, 2008

On the flight back I didn’t throw up once but I still got a massive headache and some gag reflexes due to the motion sickness. Well, here are some pictures for you to enjoy. As you can see, one of the reasons why I like Miami is because the city is mostly surrounded by water. The clouds there are quite photogenic too! The (2) pictures of the city was the view from the Hilton Hotel I was staying at; the windows were filthy but I still managed to get pretty decent shots.

last day
October 20, 2008

Today’s officially the last day of the jewelry show here in Miami and it’s a bittersweet parting. I can’t say I had a thorough feel of the city but just being in a different state and environment other than California makes me feel good, you know? On the other hand I can’t wait to get back home to my own bed and feeling the warmth of Pudge at the foot of my bed every morning. My flight leaves at 11AM (8AM in CA) tomorrow and I’m desperately hoping I don’t get motion sickness (which would be a miracle if I don’t) and I’ll be arriving home at about 2PM at home. There’s so many errands I need to run this week so I’m going to need a day of rest on Wednesday, thank goodness I have it off.

it’s cold again
October 12, 2008

Good Morning everyone! I don’t know about you but I just love waking up early on Sundays to cold chilly weather and a beautiful sunshine. It has a knack for perking me up. Breakfast is probably waiting for me downstairs so I think I’ll go take advantage of that real soon. My mom has decided that I have to take her shopping today but I’m definitely not complaining about spending a few extra bucks on myself. I’m in search of a warm, cozy coat for the winter so wish me luck!

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.” – Anne Bradstreet

spaghetti night
September 26, 2008

Me and my sister cooked today without burning the house down. Hehe.
…den Puto por dessert, hah?

lawn mowers suck
September 5, 2008

Instead of being able to sleep in a little longer today the gardener decides to whip out the loud and obnoxious lawn mower. I’m just kidding myself when I tell people that I’m “sleeping in” and end up waking up at 9AM every darn time. Since it’s my day off I still haven’t decided on what to do, maybe I should just stay home and bake all day :[ Any ideas?

August 6, 2008

Nothing exciting happened today, I went to work in Downtown, Los Angeles as usual. We came home and Riley was over at my house. I found out that he can now take about 10 steps on his own which is a very exciting accomplishment to me because I’ve been waiting for him to walk for a while now.

On a different note, I just finished dying my hair a copper auburn color I picked out at Sally’s Beauty Supply yesterday. For a month I’ve been wondering if I should go the red/orange route because I’ve never tried this color before. Nevertheless, I am completely happy that it turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. I’ll snap some pictures of it as soon as I get my brand new Nikon :] Chyeaaa.