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gloom = happy
December 6, 2009

Wow, is it almost Christmas again? Is it just me or is each year passing by more quickly than it use to when I was younger? Either way, I take it as a bad thing. However, the good thing is the weather is now what it was suppose to be 3 months ago. Cold and gloomy! The gray, orange, red, yellow color setting in my neighborhood is beautiful. I think I should take my SLR to shoot in this ‘Twilight’ weather.

This year, I have two Secret Santas to shop for (plus Riley and my Grandparents). One from work and one from the family, both of which shouldn’t be too hard. One down, four to go! Let’s see how far I get with Christmas shopping today.

Off topic, but nonetheless good news. My mom decided to give me a belated birthday present this week; $200 to spend on a wallet. I went on to look for L.A.M.B. wallets and it was an epic fail. It took a few hours until I arrived at ‘Checkout’ button…for a brand new purse. Most of the L.A.M.B. purses were on sale. Why do you do this to me Zappos? Why?! Zappos also gave me an early Christmas present, a free VIP membership. 1-day shipping for absolutely zero dollars (plus zero tax), wow. All the more reason to go ahead and enter my credit card information as quick as possible. As I type this 2nd to last sentence of my blog, this song comes to mind. “I’m just a girl in the world. That’s all that you’ll let me be!” -No Doubt


June 25, 2009

No QWERTY, but still very tempting.

just keep waiting
May 24, 2009

My dad has several jewelry shows a year and usually I take part in most of them but this time I didn’t go to the Vegas show as planned. Nobody at home can drive my sister to school and my mom to work everyday, so I get the pleasure of being the family chauffeur. No biggie. I just feel bad for not being able to help my dad out this time, especially with him being stressed out lately. Poor Daddy 😦

So, I finally bought the Nikkor 35mm/1.8G AF-S lens that my cousin instructed me to buy. According to him it’s one of the best and affordable lens I could get. I’ve been looking at sample pictures on Flickr that Nikkor Lenspeople have taken with their 35mm lens and I’m really pleased by the dramatic blur of the background. The only bad part about this is the wait. The lens I ordered on Amazon is “Temporarily out of stock,” and they’ll ship it to me once they get some in. The wait is agonizing. Good news is my D60 body will be shipped to me by Wednesday and I could temporarily use my dad’s $900 Nikkor lens that probably won’t even suit me. I hate being so impatient. In the meantime I’m planning on reading up on photography tips and lessons. Later today, I’ll probably make a pit stop to Barnes and Noble to pick up The Digital Photography Book that (again) my cousin told me to read. Lol. What would I do without him?

Nikon D60
May 20, 2009

After months of deliberation and indecisiveness, I’ve finally purchased a D-SLR camera; a refurbished Nikon D60 to be exact. It’s a practical, entry level D-SLR and on top of that, it was in my price range. However, I didn’t purchase the lens, just the camera body. I’m still waiting for Amazon to restock on a certain lens my cousin recommended to me. He’s also responsible for finding me the Nikon for $349. Haven’t you heard? He’s my own personal human gadget-encyclopedia :] This will be perfect for taking pictures on the cruise to Alaska. My dad has several Nikon lenses that I can use on the trip so I better start reading up on some “how-to’s” and picture-taking techniques

not really goodbye
May 13, 2009

Sadly, yesterday was my last day at the Vet Clinic so I decided to make a pit stop at a bakeshop in Chino Hills called Dolcissimo to buy cupcakes for my co-workers. I still can’t believe I blew $75 on 2 dozen cupcakes. The only thing I disliked about Dolcissimo was the fact that they charged me for boxes other than one that fit 12 cupcakes. For instance, I wanted to separate 12 cupcakes into 2 boxes of 6, so they went ahead charge an extra dollar for each box. Lame. The Doctor ended up loving the cupcakes and ate two of them on the spot. He’s not allowed eat sweets in front of his wife or he’ll never hear the end of it, not surprising. Speaking of Mrs. E, I didn’t get to say goodbye to her, but I doubt she cares. Haha! Speaking of goodbyes, I’m going to miss working there. I’m going to miss seeing the frequent clients that come in every single week. I’m going to miss the smell of scrub soap and the cold sterile tray (weird, I know). I’m going to miss my co-workers of whom I’ve learned most from while I was there. I’m going to miss that fact that we’re probably the only vet clinic that doesn’t have a computer and still uses manual filing. I’m going to miss hearing Dr. Evans ask “You know what I’m sayin’?!” every 5 minutes to the most irrelevant situations. Most of all, I’m going to miss the animals. Well, they were the main the reason I loved working there in the first place. The Dr. has already let me know that I’m welcome back anytime if I ever change my mind in the future. He’s definitely an unforgettable boss. Oh! I forgot to mention that I spoke to Dr. Maas over the phone a couple of days ago and he sounded much better than usual. He’s already up and about and almost fully recovered :]

Mother’s Day was fun. We had a small BBQ at my Auntie’s house in Brea and inevitably I overate. I made the mistake of feeding Pudge some human food that day and he ended up pooping diarrhea all over my Aunt’s grass. He then scooted his butt on the grass for about half a minute, which ended in a uproar of laughter from my family watching him do so. Fun stuff.

I finally ordered my mom’s gift today on; guess what she wanted? Another darn L.A.M.B. purse.

Last year’s gift                        This year’s gift

lastyear thisyear

You never really leave a place or person you love. Part of them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind.”


March 30, 2009

I’ve found that I could be protective, anal, and downright ridiculous when it comes to owning a nice car. I actually take my time to place food and belongings in the trunk rather than throw it in the backseat like I did with my RAV4. I would actually hesitate letting someone with dark jeans in for a ride. That would involve the jean wearer of having the need to sit on my clean leather seats and possibly staining them with irremovable dye.  (I was thinking more along the lines of using saran wrap and not using actual seat covers too. lol!) It’s ridiculous I tell you! Other than being a uncontrollable and protective car owner, I have been cruisin’. Did I tell you that I named her Bella? Not after the Twilight character, ohh no. Haha!

Oh hey! It’s time for America’s Family Pet Expo in 3 weeks! I’m desperately hoping that this year won’t be as scorching hot as last year. I probably would have enjoyed it ten times more if the weather wasn’t attempting to boil my insides. Here’s to hoping for 80 degree weather. Please?

Question of the day:

If you could, what is one thing you would completely eliminate from your life?
My answer: Allergies. I hate springtime.

RX found!
March 28, 2009

Very special thanks to my cousin (or second cousin to be exact), Pe Jack, for helping me and my dad car shop. Despite my whining, impatience, and being color picky, he still stuck with me to help :]  This past week was a such a test of patience for me, I was about to crack. I received the good news yesterday via text from my cousin telling me that Glendale finally came through with a white exterior/gray interior for the price my dad was willing to pay. I don’t think anybody understands how happy I was the very moment I stepped into my brand new car. When I sat my booty down into the driver’s seat, it felt as if I melted into it (really).  My dad really surprised me with his generous decision on buying this for me. For that I am truly truly grateful. I appreciate everything that my parents provide me with and I couldn’t ask for two better people in my life. I am one spoiled little girl.

my brand new 2010 RX

not today
March 22, 2009

Buying the RX was a no-go for today, mostly because they didn’t have the color combination we wanted. My parents had decided to buy me the white one after all, so I’m definitely patient enough to wait for it 😀 The only problem is that the gray interior that we wanted is harder to find with a white exterior. My cousin, Jack, was making calls for us all day and finally found one at the Crown Lexus in Ontario for the price we wanted. Unfortunately, the salesman had been playing games just to get us to go out there for the price we didn’t agree with. Needless to say, my dad walked out of that sleazy place in less than three minutes. It was a complete waste of our gas and time, you can bet that my dad was pissed off. We’ve decided to hold off until next week for more incoming inventory and so the wait begins (which I have no problem with whatsoever because I’m going to get white!).

another camera
February 15, 2009

Today is the day I decide on actually purchasing a Canon Digital Rebel XTi camera. I’ve been thinking about this for months on end already and I’m pretty icadrxtibr1sure that I’m ready to jump the gun and go for it. I’ve actually decided on going with a refurbished one because I simply can’t afford a brand new one. Either way I’m going to finally have a good camera that I’ll be satisfied with forever (or until it breaks). I’ve been begging my sister to half this with me because I know she takes some interest in having one also and hopefully she’ll give in. We’re selling our Nikon Coolpix S210 in Plum, there are minimal scratches but absolutely no damage done internally. I’ve only had it for a couple of months so it’s fairly new and works perfectly. I desperately want to get rid of it so I can pool together more money to buy the drool-worthy Canon, so please let me know if you’re interested! I’m letting it go for about $90 (this also includes a 4GB SD card and everything it came with. Battery charger, USB cable, audio/video cable, and the box with manuals).

February 14, 2009

Why is it whenever I’m completely broke I tend to have a “want” impulse yet, when I do have money I can’t seem to make up my mind about what to buy. After my indecisiveness in what I wanted as a gift for Valentine’s Day, Franco decided to take me on a $300 shopping spree. Holy moly!  Unfortunately my attempt of trying to find something turned out to be nearly impossible :[  A thousand stores later I finally made up my mind on what I wanted. It was a unisex circle scarf from American Apparel. rsa2502_altIt “claims” that you can wear it thirteen different ways but keeping it a regular scarf seems to look better. So, shopping at Old Town Pasadena today wasn’t a total bust;  the weather was nice (well, extremely cold but at least it was sunny) and I finally got to spend time with Franco after missing him for two long weeks.We stopped at Target on the way home to buy some gift wrap for my mom and I ended up spending $45 of my Valentine money on my sister. Her god forsaken straightener has been begging to be replaced and since I hadn’t thought of buying her a birthday gift yet, I gave in to a new straightener. “Ahhhh!!! There’s a caaar!!!” Good job on the driving Lin, you do great at 15 miles an hour, hehe.

Good news! Franco finally found some pretty good Laker tickets to buy (it was my gift to him for Valentine’s Day) so we’ll be going on Friday. Keep in mind that this will be my first time ever going to a live sporting event; the things I do for the guy I love.

Well, tomorrow I’ll be driving down to Porter Ranch for my dad’s cousin’s daughter’s birthday party (haha! that was a long thread), she’s turning 2 years old.