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November 27, 2009

Wow, it has been a long time since I’ve blogged on WordPress. Ever since I’ve quit my job at the veterinary clinic and started working for my dad, my days have been a constant reminder of how bland my life is. Bland, but with a higher salary. Some days I want to stab myself in the foot for having to put up with my dad and then I start thinking of how much he’s given me. Ugh, guilt.

So here I am, sitting in my trendy new Ikea desk chair (because my mom referred to my old chair as “disgusting”) in all my 22 year old glory. Did I just say that? I did in fact turn 22 years old on Monday and to be perfectly honest I don’t like the fact that I’m not 21 anymore. 21 is the perfect number, the perfect age to pause my life. I know, I’m being dramatic and 22 is still young. The fact that I’m just going to get older and older gives me indigestion. I’ll try not to think about it.

To sum up my November (or my life) here’s a list.
1. I took my first trip with Franco to San Francisco in September. I think it was the best three days of my life. Not only did I experience freedom, I actually fell in love with San Francisco. I’m going back and no one can stop me.
2. “Is there a fast forward button on life until November?” Apparently, there wasn’t. New Moon finally came out on the 19th, and it was the first movie I’ve ever waited in line for more than an hour. We’re talking five hours of cold wind and lack of sleep just to oogle a vampire and a werewolf for two hours. I usuallynever stay up past 1am, I am so proud of myself.
3. I turned 22, but we don’t need to emphasize that.
4. Most importantly, I got an iPhone! I finally switched from that god-awful T-Mobile service to AT&T and I love it. I get reception in places T-Mobile wouldn’t. My iPhone is fabulous, I’ve been nose to screen for two weeks and I still can’t get enough. “What apps to download next?” “When should I buy my next case? And what color?” “Should I buy more ringtones on iTunes?” What is wrong with me? I’ve definitely come down with the iPhone syndrome and I don’t want to be cured.

So there you have it. I didn’t do a complete summary of the past 4 months, but we’ll catch up. Hopefully, I decide to blog more and won’t completely abandon my WordPress, I’d hate to see it die just like all my other blogs. I have so much here that I can read back on and laugh about. Until next time!


4 things
April 24, 2009

Hello guys and gals! I just realized a few days ago that I haven’t been blogging in list form lately so here it is.

1) Leaving school this week was a bittersweet parting, but I’m looking on the bright side: no more school until 10PM in the middle of nowhere! It was pretty discouraging when everyone around you was on their way home while I’d be on my way to school. So, that’s definitely a plus. I officially start at my dad’s work on Monday Tuesday, fuuun.

2) Today, I took my mom to Costco to buy some fruits and whatnot;  a quick trip to the market turned into a model home tour in Walnut. It may seem odd and old-ladyish of me, but one of my fetishes is taking walking through brand new model homes for no reason. Weird, I know.

3) Franco was suppose to have the day off from work due to Armenian Genocide Day, but his boss decided to change his mind at the last minute and open the store so our beach plan was ruined. Thanks. Instead we ended up catching the new movie called Obsessed and we really enjoyed it. Ali Larter played an awesome obsessive psychopath and Beyonce was such a bad-ass.

4) I finally gave in and bought a PediPaws nail trimmer. Expectedly, Pudge tried resisting  with all of his strength the first time I tried, but I didn’t let him go and actually had the chance to  file down 2 nails. Success! He’ll definitely be comfortable with it in a few days.

Good night.

worst day ever
February 16, 2009

Today was probably one of the worst days I’ve had in a long time. Come to think of it, I’ve actually never had a truly bad day. Let’s list what went wrong shall we? This will probably be a long one so brace yourselves.

1. I woke up with the inability to move because of how cold it was. Originally it only takes me 15 minutes to get ready for work but today I moved in slow motion and ended up taking almost half an hour just to put on my clothes. I tried turning the heater on so my internal organs would thaw out, but it didn’t work.

2. Ricky broke the news to me when I stepped into work that Dr. A will be coming in instead of Dr. M. By then I was already expecting the worse. Yay for 1 hour long spays!

3. At first glance, the surgery sheet stated that we only had two surgeries today. Little did me and Ricky know, there was a hidden page in the back that had three more clients scheduled for surgery. That makes a total of five surgeries. Five. Dr A and five spays only meant one thing: no lunch.

4. As I filed in the surgery patients into the kennels I started to realize something. They were all big breeds; we’re talking two German Shephards, a Husky mix, a Boxer, and a very antsy and psychotic Rottweiler. I’m not use to big dogs and honestly I’m going to tell you now that I am so glad that I don’t have one. Maybe we just had a brush of bad luck and ended up with diffcult ones that were a little hard of handling today, I don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, I do love dogs of all shapes and sizes so please don’t think of me differently. I’m just having a bad day :[

6. If I could tell you how many times I’ve hurt myself today, I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of how I would give it to you in numbers. My hands are so badly mangled from nicks, cuts, and stabs that I’m actually starting to get “work hands.” (Gasp!) Not work hands?! As I was restraining a dog for Dr. A I took a long glance at his hands and hoped to Buddha that mine weren’t turning that way soon. My entire body aches and I have tons of potential bruises waiting to sprout.

7. Two dogs crapped in a cage. Did I mention that these were big dogs? Yeah.

8. As expected, Dr. A took an hour on each spay (it takes Dr. M about 20 minutes) and it cut through my lunch time. I had about 10 minutes to heat up and scarf down my lunch (as opposed to the usual 2 hours) so I could go back into the surgery room to watch the Doctor fumble with his sutures for another half hour.

In all honesty, that doesn’t entirely sum up my bad day but I’m pretty sure you get the idea. To add to this distaster, I have to report for jury duty in Norwalk tomorrow. I’ve never had jury duty nor do I have any idea what the hell it will consist of so it makes me a little nervous.


25 facts about Vicky
February 10, 2009

Since I was tagged to do 25 facts about myself on Facebook, I thought it would be fun (for those of you who don’t have an account on Facebook) to read some stuff about me. So enjoy!

1. In a few years, the only reason you will remember be will probably be because of my last name.

2. I have never been obsessed with a band as much as I’ve been obsessed with Paramore. I am a part of their fan club and been to almost all their shows here in California. I probably spent thousands of dollars on their merchandise and tickets to see them. I was also lucky enough to win a meet & greet with them in 2007.

3. My dream car has always been a white Range Rover Sport Edition but the only reason I would never get it is because it’s one of the most pollutant emitting cars.

4. When it comes to school, work, or any type of appointments I am always always at least 20 or 30 minutes early.

5. My biggest addiction would be Diet Coke (or any type of diet beverage), I at least have a can a day.

6. I can’t stand most pick up truck drivers (and I know I’m not the only one who thinks so).

7. When I eat at home, I have a bad habit of needing to read or watch tv. If I don’t have either it’s hard for me to eat.

8. I don’t know how to play any type of instruments. The only songs I can play are “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Happy Birthday” on a piano.

9. I’ve never once in my life been drunk let alone “buzzed.”

10. I love kids. I’m great when it comes to bonding with children. I’ve also considered becoming a pediatrician, but I don’t have the patience to go to school for that :[

11. My parents have never taught me how to ride a bike but I do know how to roller blade & ice skate!

12. My sister and I are very close and it usually baffles people that we don’t ever fight. She is the only person who truly truly knows me inside and out.

13. Although I’ve always been interested with being in a career that involves animals, I use to be afraid of walking by my very hyper golden retriever, Benji, at the age of six. Ironic.

14. The first song I ever fully sang was a Thai rock song that my dad use to be in love with. My parents video recorded me singing and dancing to it but lost the tape while moving. Bummer.

15. I’ve always considered adopting a child and also having one of my own.

16. When people use to ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up I would say “Veterinarian” yet I wouldn’t have the slightest idea of knowing how to spell it.

17. I speak fluent Thai because my grandparents raised me. They also over fed me as a baby :[

18. My cousin Tammy use to hate me when I was little (lol!) but now I consider her as my older sister. She is the one person I could count on to give me motivation and she tells me I have the potential to do anything I want. Not once has she judged me on my failures. She is the person who is responsible for finding my vocational Vet Tech school and gave me the push I needed to start something good in my life.

19. My favorite show is The Big Bang Theory. Most people won’t enjoy it because it’s a “nerdy” show, but it is hilarious!

20. In junior year of high school I use to weigh in at 163 lbs, which was more than my dad’s weight. I joined Jenny Craig in the beginning of senior year and lost over 40 lbs. in a little over 6 months.

21. I love meat. I’m a big meat eater.

22. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years and 4 months. Franco and I are complete opposites which is why the dynamics of our relationship is (usually) balanced. I know this may sound real corny, but it’s impossible for me to picture my future without him. Really.

23. I am completely open-minded to try any type of food. Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Mediterranean, Armenian, Greek, American, Italian, Filipino. I eat everything!

24. Twilight is the only movie I’ve watched more than 2 times at the movie theaters.

25. I have never been to a house party nor have I ever gone clubbing. I’m the epitome of a “home body,” I love being at home.

what’s going on
January 20, 2009

Some things that have been going on this week:

1. I’ve started back on my Jenny Craig diet again. I remember I weighed about 160 lbs. in high school, signed up for Jenny Craig, and lost over 40 lbs in about 6 months. Lately, I’ve been feeling a little down about my body image (I know it might sound vain and shallow), but I keep having flashbacks of what I use to look like junior year and it haunts me. Just once, I want to feel better about myself and not try to hide my body in different ways. Wish me lots of luck.

2. In addition to the JC diet, I’ve been to the gym about 5 times this week. I can’t emphasize enough about how much more energetic and productive I feel. They say it takes about two weeks to start a habit but I think I’ve already made working out as a part of my everyday routine. Note to self: Find a workout buddy who doesn’t tend to become lazy after 5 minutes of being on an elliptical (Pauline, grr.).

3. As for my house: Good news! The construction analyst came by to check out the extensive damages of our house two days ago. They told my parents that it would be totally fine for me and Pauline to sleep in our rooms because that half broken pillar is not what holds up the house. I still haven’t moved my computer back up so I’ll probably end up doing that tonight.

4. Yesterday, my car has been taken away to be fixed but I’m not completely sure if we’re going to end up keeping it. Honestly, I would love to have my car back, but my dad thinks we shouldn’t so I’m a little disappointed. Maybe I can convince him to sell the van instead (since it’s older) and keep my baby.

5.  I brought home Pudge’s DHPPC and Bordatella vaccines to give to him last night. I figured if i took him to the vet he’ll just be a nervous wreck and cry the whole time so I spared his fear and my energy, brought home the vaccines, and shot him in the shoulder while my mom held him. He didn’t feel the first one but he yelped at the second poke, what a baby.

6. Today is a historic day! Welcome Obama!

big four
December 26, 2008

Today’s Agenda (was):

1. Fry’s Electronics. Supposedly, Fry’s was having a bigger-than-black-Friday sale today. Me and my sister had nothing better to do so we decided to check it out. We walked around the place for about half & hour and left empty handed. Apparently, we got there a little bit too late. Boo.

2. Best Buy. Walked in, walked out, spotted an ice-cream truck, bought a frozen yogurt on a cone (of which I will soon regret. read on to find out), and left.

3. My Auntie’s house. My cousin’s spamifornia rolls are the best. I scarfed down a whole roll, then made the biggest mistake of weighing myself on an accurate scale, and screamed in horror (in my mind because I don’t actually scream out loud, ever). An extra 4 whopping pounds were added to the number of my usual plateaued weight I kept for a very, very long time. It’s time to hit the gym tri-weekly, cut out certain foods, and drink a lot of extra water. Wish me luck!

nothing exciting
December 13, 2008

Today I:

1. Dropped my family friend (we call cousin) off at Cerritos Mall, then drove all the way back to Rowland.

2. Ate Siopao Asado at Chow King with my sister and Franco.

3. Was forced to watch The Earth Stood Still at the movies and ended up crying towards the end. Overall, I give it a grade C, it wasn’t the greatest movie but it was pretty bearable.

4. Bought new $20 jeans, another Elmo toy for Riley at Target, and some hair dye for my cousin at Sally’s.

5. Had In-N-Out for dinner.

Puente Hills Mall opened a  humongous Forever 21 store on the bottom floor for whatever reason. It was overwhelming attempting to shop in that store because everything was appealing. That mall was already on the brink of shutting down because of the lack of customers and shop-worthy stores. I’m already getting the feeling all that will ever be left of Puente Hills is Forever 21, sad. On Friday, I went to a Korean salon with my mom and ended up getting  haircut and a light perm (for volume). I cringed as the hairdresser snipped my hair inch by inch, but surprisingly, it came out better than I would have imagined. At least my hair has some sort of style now, it’s not just long and deflated.

this week
November 30, 2008

This week consisted of…

1. Mostly being frustrated with the fact that Silverlink employees at Cerritos Mall are unreliable. Nobody takes a mall job seriously anymore, ugh.

2. Being bombarded with errands, drop offs, pick ups, “take me heres & take me theres,” and “can you please work?” It’s a little overwhelming especially when I thought that I would have a lot of time for myself this week, but that rarely works out. I know, you’re probably thinking, “Other people have it worse than you so stop complaining.” Well frankly, I’m not those people and I honestly couldn’t do what they do everyday of their lives, we’re all different and have totally incomparable functionality. I mean I could be a little more tolerant of doing favors for family but it’s just a little irritating when so many questions are thrown at me in 2 days.

3. Watching Twilight for the 3RD time in 2 weeks, it just gets better every single time I watch it. I’m not saying this is would be my last time either…

4. Buying Franco’s Christmas present a month too early! The cost of a G1 for an upgrade was a $150 special so we couldn’t pass it up, especially not when Franco’s cell phone was on the on the verge of a breakdown. I can’t believe he got his G1 before me! Augh.

5. Not getting to any particular Black Friday sales. Santa Anita Mall was ridiculously packed even at nine o’clock in the morning! Parking was impossible so me and my sister opted out for spending $8 on valet.

Today I am driving to LA to help set up for Franco’s mom’s birthday party. That means there will be tons of food! I just hate how far I have to drive to get to Glendale, blah!

busy November
November 12, 2008

November, one of the busiest months of the year, is here. Here’s a list of what’s going on this month.

1. Tomorrow will be my 3 year Anniversary with Franco (It was officially last month, but we changed it because it was excrutiatingly close to his and his ex-girlfriend’s anniversary. I know, I’m lame). We still don’t have any plans to celebrate our 3rd year together. Any ideas?

2. Franco’s Mom’s birthday is next week and I still haven’t had the time to pick up her gift at the mall.

3. The much anticipated Twilight movie is being release next week! You don’t understand, I’ve been sitting here in front of my computer watching this preview about 30 times in the last month.

4. Pold blogaramore’s Performances are also happening and I’ll have to miss out on it for the first time of my life. Depressing. Thinking back exactly a year ago today, it was the day I had a chance to meet & greet my favorite band Paramore. It was one of the best days of my life and I’ll never forget it, never.

5. My Dad’s 48th Birthday is on the 19th, I’m tempted to get him an iPhone because I know he’s been wanting one. The only thing holding him back is the carrier, it’s not Verizon. It’s hard thinking of what to buy for a Dad who already has everything.

6. Last but not least, my 21st Birthday! Again, no plans whatsoever. Vegas sounds like a good idea but I probably wouldn’t be able to go anytime soon for the fact that so many things are going on this month. I’m waiting for the pefect time to do this so it would be a lot more enjoyable with my new privilege being handed to me.

These past 2 weeks have been a reality check for me; work, school, having a new responsibility of my nephew Riley, learning that weekends should be cherished more than I use to take them for, and being efficient with my time spent (which explains my lack of blogging lately, sorry). Every day these words are floating in my mind and I really do want to sit here and type it all out but I just don’t have the time and energy to do so. Just bear with me!

Downtown Miami
October 18, 2008

Hey everyone! It’s 9PM here at Florida and here are some things I’ve notice about it since I’ve been here:

1. There is an abundance of Caribbean people with cute accents. Most of these people are nice but they just have a very extroverted way of showing it.

2. The water here is slightly yellow every where (toilet bowls, sink water, bath water) excluding the the drinking water, which in our case, is preferably bottled. I’m not exactly sure what the reason is for the slightly pale yellow color but I’m pretty sure it’s not because it’s dirty.

3. People here are actually concerned and aware of gang robberies especially at places near the convention center. For this reason, there are always police on each street we pass.

4. In every public bathroom I’ve been in I’ve noticed a lack of toilet seat liners. My cousin tells me that It’s probably all in my head because they do provide it in the men’s restrooms.

5. The streets here are much more difficult to figure out than it would be to figure out directions at home. It’s not because we’re not familiar with the area, but even my navigation has gone haywire a few times already (for that matter, we would have probably ended up in New York without the navi) . Poor Samantha.

6. People my age are non-existent in this city, I haven’t seen a group of people younger than twenty-five hanging out anywhere! Miami is probably more of a retirement area, do you think so?

Today was the second day of the jewelry show and I can honestly say I sleep so much better at night because I’m extra exhausted. Dealing with difficult customers, non-stop pricing, and answering stupid questions can really drain me. The good new is that we’re attracting a lot of new clients and promoting my dad’s company website so if my dad is happy then I am.

Overall, I’m enjoying the environment here and I’m absolutely lovin’ on the unfamiliar places and views I see each day. I just wish I had a lot more time and energy to sight see and soak it all in. So, I’m sitting here in the hotel lobby taking advantage of the free wi-fi because they don’t provide it upstairs. Poop. Goodnight!