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2.5 years
November 29, 2009



Happy Birthday Riley!
July 27, 2009

Do you recall me moping and whining about not being able to bake because of the condition of my kitchen? We’ll definitely have none of that anymore. After 6 long months of eating out and possibly gaining weight, my kitchen is officially finished with it’s renovation. I would also like to add that my oven is not only a regular oven, it’s a touchscreen oven. Fancy, I know. I already baked a few cupcakes last night and I think the designs turned out okay considering it was my first time shaping fondant. I still need a lot of practice. Let me know what you guys think 😀


A few months ago, I signed up for another meet and greet with Paramore just for the heck of it. Since I already won a meet & greet with them in 2007, I wasn’t expecting to win in the least bit. A couple of days ago, I signed on to the club website to check if they posted the winners. Well, it turns out that I have been picked to meet them again! Holy crap! I was planning on giving this meet & greet opportunity to my cousin Tam but apparently, that’s not allowed 😦 I can’t believe I’m going to meet Paramore again! Ahhhhh! The concert is 6 days away and I’m already squirming in my seat just thinking about it. My cousins are going to 2 of the shows; one takes place today, which is the first show No Doubt has here in LA. They are dedicated fans 🙂

Last, but not least: Riley turns 2 years old today! I can’t believe how fast time flies when it comes to kids and their growth. Riley is truly a blessing in my life, I can’t emphasize that enough. He is now talking and interacting, not to mention he’s in his “No” phase and I secretly love it. I also love the fact that he calls me “kee-kee” because it’s impossible for him to say Vicky. Did I mention that he’s an indestructible ball of energy? And speaking of balls (no pun intended), his birthday party this year will be basketball themed which is very similar to last year’s. My cousin decided to celebrate his birthday the day after the No Doubt concert, so hopefully I won’t be too dead the morning after. Here’s what his invitation looks like, so if you didn’t get one, you’re not invited. Haaa! Joke lang (that was for Tammy).

Riley's Invitation

my main squeeze
April 16, 2009

I couldn’t resist. By the way, these were taken by my cousin, like always.

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talking baby
April 6, 2009

I almost died from laughing last night listening to a clip of Riley. He was watching a basketball game on TV and my cousin (his daddy) recorded him “talking.” I can’t think of a better way to make my day 100 times better than listening to him talk.

Click here to hear Riley

A cups
March 6, 2009

Hey everyone! Sorry for the decreased amount of my blogging, nothing exciting has been going on so I didn’t feel like wasting your reading time on something unimportant. The past few days I’ve been here in Downtown, LA with my cousin and and also at home where my grandfather has been driving me nuts. My grampa is probably the meanest person alive who doesn’t have the ability to emotionally hurt me because all he does is yell and cuss at me when something is wrong. Last night he falsely accused me of misplacing the new garage door opener he had bought when I had no idea what he was talking about.  There was nothing I could do but yell back at him, “I didn’t take it! I didn’t touch it! I don’t know what you’re talking about!” about a thousand times to drown him out. I wouldn’t doubt it if the entire street heard him shouting about his missing remote, geez. He finally found it 3 minutes later in the garage where he had left it. Oh my f-cking god. Next time, I’m going to secretly videotape him when he has another one of his episodes. Haha! That would be fun.

My parents will be coming back from their business trip on Monday and as expected, these two weeks passed by extra quick. Because of the temporary schedule change I haven’t been on my JC diet nor have I hit the gym even once. I don’t feel too bad about it because a short break is always good. At least I know I’ll get back on track next week for sure. My sister has been dying to go to the new 24 Hour Fitness in Walnut so we’ll probably have to make a stop there sometime next week. Honestly, I don’t think I’ll end up liking that gym due to the high infestation of high schoolers in skimpy workout clothes. Nothing ruins a good workout more than a desperate high school girl showing off her A cups at the gym (some of you will get it and some of you will not, heh!).

This Sunday me and my cousins are planning to take Riley to the San Diego Zoo! I haven’t been there for 2 years so I’m pretty excited about it. Franco has never been to San Diego at all so this will be his first time in that area 😀 Pretty fun. I can’t wait to take pictures of Riley at his first trip to the zoo. Hopefully, the weather stays cool throughout the entire day.

March 3, 2009

America’s Best Dancing Baby. For the record, this was Pauline’s idea. So if his parents are watching, I did not introduce this music to Riley!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

radio shack
March 2, 2009

Going out Saturday was a bust. Franco got sick from eating the spicy food at Ord Noodle (my favorite restaurant in Thai Town) so we ended up going to his place to crash. He was beginning to feel better after our nap so we quickly took the chance to go out with what was left of our time. Let’s just say we walked into Best Buy and Toys ‘r Us for absolutely no reason that day. Franco’s mom was hosting a birthday party for his uncle at 6PM so we headed back home in less than an hour. On the way back,  we decided to stop at Radio Shack to get a $50 gift card for his uncle’s birthday. Radio shack, random. I know. We were out of options. Haha!

I was planning on posting a Vimeo of Riley dancing (that I shot today) but apparently, the site says I’m in still in line for the video to process and it’s going to take 110 minutes. Lame! Check back later if you want to see the little monster in action 😀

Arts & Crafts
January 30, 2009

Today was my first time trying to make a friendship bracelet out of embroidery floss. My sister forced me to learn it because she knew I like doing stuff pertaining to braiding, knotting, hemps, and whatnot. It was a little confusing at first but after the third attempt, I finally got it down.

My second attempt was a little messy.


The third attempt, yay!


I’ve also been putting off Riley’s scrapbook mostly because I wanted more pictures of him as he gets older. I’ll be starting it up again tomorrow while I stay at my dad’s work again. My original finish date should have been on his 1st birthday but I obviously hadn’t gotten around to it. At least I have more choices for more picture prints of him at Walmart that I will soon be ordering.





Yes, that is how far I got. Pathetic, I know. Once it’s finished I’ll take more pictures (don’t expect them too soon).

January 23, 2009

Since my house is currently under some major construction, we can’t have Chinese New Years here anymore. Instead, we’re having it at my Aunt’s house in Brea. After Pauline passed her permit test this morning (Yes, she passed! She only missed two answers!) I drove over to help my cousin clean the house in preparation for Sunday. I didn’t do much cleaning, but I did contributed to hauling a mountain of toys into a room. Riley now has a new playroom! When we picked him up from daycare and led him into his new room he absolutely loved it! While “cleaning,” I also saw a mountain of purses that belonged to my cousin, it’s unbelievable. I didn’t think she realized how much Gwen products she owned until I took a picture of it (and that picture doesn’t even cover all of it, it’s insane!).

tam's stash

Riley World!

why is it hot?
January 13, 2009

My phone rings at approximately 7:45 every morning.

F: “Good morning!”

Me: “Mmmmffgghh…..”

F: “Okay. Love you! Bye!”

And I’m back to sleep in two minutes. When you’ve been waking up to the piercing cold for the past two months you kind of get use to it. It’s easier to turn the alarm off and throw the covers back over your head, it just feels right to be under the blankets when it’s cold. Sun, please go away and come back when you’re really suppose to.

Today my sister passed her pink slip exam and is now allowed to take her permit test. Once I received the good news via text, I scheduled her an appointment for this Friday at the DMV. Pretty soon I’ll be the one in the passenger seat, napping away while she is the one who drives us to Target. I will no longer have to pick her up from her dances at 11 o’clock at night or drive 2 blocks to drop her off at Jeanelle’s house :] For the next three days I will be forcing her to study from the permit practice tests until her brain explodes.

Babysitting Riley was a little different than usual yesterday. Not only was he in a great mood but I actually heard him say “banana” in Thai and english! Riley’s first official word was “ball,” (because he loves balls. footballs, basketballs, tennis balls; you name it, he has it.) but hearing him say something other than “ball” was so awesome! I don’t know where that little monster baby harbors all of his unused energy, but considering it was only for two hours, I was literally floored dancing with him and running after him. I had so much fun last night, I’m desperately hoping he’ll be the same when I pick him up today.