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20 down-10 to go
February 21, 2010

My lack of blogging is from my life’s lack of excitement, but what’s new? Well, obviously it’s been months since my last entry and I must say, I did not keep my word on my promise to put more effort into blogging. I’m not sending out anymore empty promises to my readers and for that, I am deeply sorry.

Let’s see, the past few months I’ve been doing nothing but working and losing weight. The working part? Bleh. The 20 lb weight loss? Halle-freaking-llujah! I realized I was packing on some major weight after I came home from the Alaska Cruise. So, I woke up one day and told myself, “You don’t want to go back to what you were before. Do something about it.” Honestly, I had no idea I’d be able to do this on my own. You know, without the aid of Jenny Craig (scoff). I must admit, last month I went back to JC for a week after realizing my weight was plateauing. I lost 2 lbs from it and quit soon after I realized I’ve already gone this far on my own, I don’t want to go back to frozen foods. I still have 10 more lbs to go before I take my trip to Thailand. Ooooh! Did I say Thailand? I swear every time I even hear the word ‘Thailand’ my heart jumps and I get giddy with oodles of excitement. Every time I manage to skip a year of going, I fully regret it. Maybe it’s a good thing because it  makes me that much more anxious to go back. This June, I’ll be laying out in the sandy beaches looking out into the blue waters. Oh sweet Jesus (I mean Buddha?), I can’t wait. Wait, this sounds too familiar…

Paramore’s Spring Tour is coming up and unfortunately, the closest show to me that they decided to have was at Bakersfield. Paramore, I love you and everything, but I think I’ll skip out on the 2 hour drive late at night. I was hoping you’d add a show in Los Angeles or Orange County, but I don’t see such thing happening (tear). This year to commemorate my 4th year of undying love for Paramore, I’m going to get a tattoo of lyrics from the newest album ‘Brand New Eyes.’ Unfortunately, I don’t have the heart to tell you what song or to show you my idea yet until it has been inked onto my skin. Understandable, right? Yeah.


just keep swimming
November 29, 2009

Good morning  and Happy Sunday to you! Although the weather is chilly, the sun is out and that is just how I like it. Winter came slow this year, could be because of global warming? I wonder…

I missed the black Friday sales this year, again (just like I would every year). I could never see myself camping outside of an electronics store just to get a good deal on a laptop or a television. I’d rather just buy it full price when there is no pushing and shoving involved. I don’t like dealing with a huge crowd or people in general. I did, however, enjoy my black Friday driving home from work because, guess what? It was traffic free! I got home in nearly less than 30 minutes as opposed to the hour long stop-and-go traffic. Exciting? Sure. This is what my life consists of. Driving 54 miles everyday…in traffic.

It has been almost two month since I’ve started my “independent” diet and I think I’m doing fairly well with it. The good news is I’ve already lost 12 lbs. on my own! Round of applause, please? I for one, never thought I’d be able to diet on my own. I’ve always thought of myself as a glutton when it comes to good hearty (we don’t use the word fatty) foods. But, I did it. One day I woke up and I told myself, “Vicky, you are going to Thailand in 6 months. You want to wear sun dresses and bikinis with confidence? Get your sh-t together and lose some weight.” I quit junk food cold turkey. That means I banned boba, chips (which are my ultimate weakness), cakes, or basically anything with tons of sugar. I also cut down on carbs…a whole lot. I didn’t completely ban chocolate from my life because I’d probably go into an epileptic shock if I didn’t have at least one Godiva a week. Yeah, okay. I decided stock up on yogurt, fruits, granola bars, veggies, anything I wouldn’t eat if I weren’t on a diet. Oh and it also helps that my parents decided to go ahead and buy me that elliptical machine I’ve been wanting for months. I work out, at most, four times a week but god knows I get lazy once in a while and end up skipping a day. I’m shooting to lose 10 more lbs. and I’m praying to Buddha that I’ll reach it. Wish me some more luck!

Love, Vicky.

a pet lump
May 14, 2009

Today, I went to the physician check out this inconspicuous marble sized lump that sits right on top of my jaw line. It doesn’t jut out of my skin so you can’t see it at all. The only way you would be able to feel it is if you pressed into my jaw semi-hard. The Doctor asked me some questions and then proceeded to palpate my cheek (well, jaw). “It’s a cyst. Absolutely harmless and quite normal. As long as it doesn’t grow bigger in a short amount of time, it doesn’t have to be removed,” he says. He also adds that if I were to surgically remove it, they would do it from the inside of my mouth so that a scar won’t be left on my skin. I’m definitely not going under the knife if it doesn’t interfere with my health and well-being. But, I’m probably going back every few months for the Doctor to check it for precautionary reasons of course.

March 30, 2009

I’ve found that I could be protective, anal, and downright ridiculous when it comes to owning a nice car. I actually take my time to place food and belongings in the trunk rather than throw it in the backseat like I did with my RAV4. I would actually hesitate letting someone with dark jeans in for a ride. That would involve the jean wearer of having the need to sit on my clean leather seats and possibly staining them with irremovable dye.  (I was thinking more along the lines of using saran wrap and not using actual seat covers too. lol!) It’s ridiculous I tell you! Other than being a uncontrollable and protective car owner, I have been cruisin’. Did I tell you that I named her Bella? Not after the Twilight character, ohh no. Haha!

Oh hey! It’s time for America’s Family Pet Expo in 3 weeks! I’m desperately hoping that this year won’t be as scorching hot as last year. I probably would have enjoyed it ten times more if the weather wasn’t attempting to boil my insides. Here’s to hoping for 80 degree weather. Please?

Question of the day:

If you could, what is one thing you would completely eliminate from your life?
My answer: Allergies. I hate springtime.

March 22, 2009

Ahh, spring. If I could eliminate one thing from my life it would have to be allergies. Definitely allergies. I’m so sick of sneezing, scratching my eyes, and blowing my nose. Since my entire family has severe allergy problems, my dad suggested that we go get allergy shots every week for a year (or two). I use to get weekly allergy shots a few years ago, but my parents stopped taking me out of laziness (I think). Ugh, I HATE MY ALLERGIES!

Well, today is Sunday and this Sunday means car-shopping day!!!

Laker flu?
February 23, 2009

For the past week, I’ve been semi-sick with a mild sore throat and an endless runny nose (again). Yesterday, I was unfortunate enough to catch the flu and it felt just awful. I couldn’t sleep the night before because my body ached and every time I breathed in, the back of my throat felt as if it were being stabbed by a knife. I can honestly tell you that I almost used up an entire roll of toilet paper just from my runny nose (and it’s still going as we speak). I wish I could use the tissue as a nostril cork without feeling like a complete doofus. Whatever works, right?

So, the past Friday me and Franco went to the Laker v. Hornets game at the Staples Center. It was my first live sporting event ever and I have to tell you that I absolutely loved it! Watching the game gave me a wave of excitement mixed in with nail-biting tense at the same time. About half the time  Franco had to explain to me the concept of each play or foul but he didn’t seem to mind. I would just look at his expression every once in a while and would be able to tell that he was really happy (and grateful) to be there at that moment. Our seats were on the floor, Row M, and behind the basket so it was the perfect view.  I enjoyed every minute of the game and I definitely am considering going back (except we won’t have to be as close next time) :]

My parents left for Thailand/Hong Kong/China this morning and they will probably be gone for 2 weeks. This means I have to drop my sister off at school every single day for 2 weeks. Augh! Kill me. On the other hand, I’ll have a little bit more freedom to go out with Franco and not worry about having to be home by a certain time. Knowing me, I’ll just end up coming home extra early anyway because I’m obviously a lazy homebody.

February 11, 2009

The thought of driving to school makes me want to hurl myself off a tall building. I know that I should have already gotten use to the distance after doing so for 4 months, but clearly I have not. My allergies have been acting up for a few days already and the only time I seem to be able to breath is when I’m working out on the elliptical at the gym. Apparently, sweat and movement is the cure to clearing my sinuses. I also need to pick up a humidifier soon, the news had announced that it keeps the flu away (and the reason being is that the flu thrives in dry conditions). The real reason for needing a humidifier is because I’ve been waking up every morning with the back of my throat dry and sore. I hate the feeling. FYI: Pudge keeps secretly stealing the tissues I’m blowing my nose into and eating them. What’s up with that?!

Franco is back home from Arizona now! We’re planning on going to Downtown Disney and/or Old Town Pasadena for Valentine’s Day this weekend and I honestly can’t wait. We still have no idea what restaurant to eat at so if you have any good suggestions for a Valentine’s Day dinner, let me know!

less and less
February 7, 2009

Good news! I am officially now 8.9 lbs lighter! This diet is very helpful in keeping my portions in control, so if I feel like eating out I don’t need to deprive myself of what I truly want to eat. In my opinion, the key to a successful diet is not deprivation but self control and working out. Ever since I’ve lessened my intake of junk food and hit the gym 4 times a week, my skin has cleared up, my stomach shrunk, and I’m feeling a lot more confident about myself. I’ve also been drinking about two to three bottles of water a day. Drinking water has always been a void in my life so it’s a big change. I’m overly addicted to carbonated drinks with sugar substitute (I get it from my dad).

That’s all for today. See you!

January 22, 2009

My allergies have been acting up ever since they put those giant fans that are drying the walls, I guess it’s stirring up all the dust in the house. The good news is that they’re taking out more than half the fans today so my family is now able to hear each other’s conversations in the normal tone of voice. As usual I went to gym, got in my 45 minutes of cardio, stopped at Sally’s for hair dye, then headed to Target to buy diet sodas. I should’ve figured they would be out of Diet Sunkist, augh!  That darn drink always seems to sell out quick! I also found these flavor blasted goldfish my sister made me try, they’re really good. I have to limit myself to a few pieces a day though since I’m on this strict diet :[


New Year shoes
January 1, 2009

I spent my New Years shopping at Ontario with my parents and fell in love with a pair of shoes I found today. They’re a little trendy for my taste, but I really like them. I know, you’re sick of reading another blog about my shopping escapades. I’ll blog about more important things later.

I have a massive headache, I think I may be getting sick. This is bad news because me and my family are going to Disneyland tomorrow. Tylenol time.