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April 28, 2010

Hey strangers! I’m not going to go on about how irresponsible I’ve been regarding updates on this blog anymore. There’s hardly anything exciting to blog about, unless you want to hear about what I have for lunch at work everyday, which I assume, is highly doubtful. The only thingĀ  that has been running through my mind lately is “I want to go to Thailand!” Skipping a year definitely increases anxiousness to go. If only the red shirts would stop protesting. After all, they’re not going to get what they want in the end. Idiots.

Now for some good (or bad) news? Well, you can decide. It’s been about a week since I’ve gotten my braces on. Yes, braces. Me, A 22 year old with braces. I know, I know. It’s not a big deal because there are plenty of adults who went or are going through this too. I just wish my parents would have thought about this when I was in, oh I don’t know…middle school?! Well, on the other hand, I’m just glad I finally have them on. “Better late than never,” right? The doctor tells me that my case is going to take about 18 months (which is the standard amount of time for most cases), so it isn’t too bad. A year in my life flies by pretty quickly so I’m not too mopey about it. I also have to mention that my braces are not metal! Amazing? I think so! Ceramic brackets are probably one of the best things that have happened to me. They may be a tad bit bigger than metal braces and my lips may jut out a few millimeters more, but when people tell me they didn’t notice my new braces until I pointed them out, it makes me a very happy little girl. My mom has been making fun of my lips all week, I want to punch her in the neck. I can’t help but laugh too because I probably do look somewhat ridiculous. It’s been harder to talk with them on, my “s'” sounds are horrible and it’s more difficult to say things in a clear manner. Every time I eat, mounds of food purposely make their way into the space between the wire and the brackets, it drives me nuts! Toothpicks and brushing my teeth after lunch are now a must. The doctor also decided to ban my ability to chew so he went ahead and threw some blue cement on my bottom molars. Just kidding, there’s a crucial reason to why I have those on. My ortho isn’t that evil, but that dental assistant named Leo is (a.k.a. Franco’s cousin). Haha! Anyway, the blue cement that is resting on top of my molars are to open up my overbite. I have a serious overbite party goin’ on in my mouth, so serious that I could accidentally bite down and knock my bottom brackets off. Ouch! Don’t want any of that. To sum it up, I feel like a have a time machine in my mouth and with these bands in, I’m probably getting ESPN. The best part is, I think I’m already getting use to it. I can’t stop smiling at how much of a dork I’ve become since getting these braces on. It’s definitely a love/hate relationship. I just can’t wait for the day I get these babies off.


20 down-10 to go
February 21, 2010

My lack of blogging is from my life’s lack of excitement, but what’s new? Well, obviously it’s been months since my last entry and I must say, I did not keep my word on my promise to put more effort into blogging. I’m not sending out anymore empty promises to my readers and for that, I am deeply sorry.

Let’s see, the past few months I’ve been doing nothing but working and losing weight. The working part? Bleh. The 20 lb weight loss? Halle-freaking-llujah! I realized I was packing on some major weight after I came home from the Alaska Cruise. So, I woke up one day and told myself, “You don’t want to go back to what you were before. Do something about it.” Honestly, I had no idea I’d be able to do this on my own. You know, without the aid of Jenny Craig (scoff). I must admit, last month I went back to JC for a week after realizing my weight was plateauing. I lost 2 lbs from it and quit soon after I realized I’ve already gone this far on my own, I don’t want to go back to frozen foods. I still have 10 more lbs to go before I take my trip to Thailand. Ooooh! Did I say Thailand? I swear every time I even hear the word ‘Thailand’ my heart jumps and I get giddy with oodles of excitement. Every time I manage to skip a year of going, I fully regret it. Maybe it’s a good thing because itĀ  makes me that much more anxious to go back. This June, I’ll be laying out in the sandy beaches looking out into the blue waters. Oh sweet Jesus (I mean Buddha?), I can’t wait. Wait, this sounds too familiar…

Paramore’s Spring Tour is coming up and unfortunately, the closest show to me that they decided to have was at Bakersfield. Paramore, I love you and everything, but I think I’ll skip out on the 2 hour drive late at night. I was hoping you’d add a show in Los Angeles or Orange County, but I don’t see such thing happening (tear). This year to commemorate my 4th year of undying love for Paramore, I’m going to get a tattoo of lyrics from the newest album ‘Brand New Eyes.’ Unfortunately, I don’t have the heart to tell you what song or to show you my idea yet until it has been inked onto my skin. Understandable, right? Yeah.

April 5, 2009

Thai Town was fun today. It’s always fun where there’s food involved, not to mention Thai food. My sister and I always look forward to the yearly Songkran Festival on Hollywood Blvd. Although it’s not celebratcimg0693ed the “traditional” way (in which there should be kids play fighting with water guns everywhere) it’s still always fun to just be there. There wasn’t much to buy at the place, I just sat around my cousin’s silver booth mostly eating and talking to family. Me and my sister made our rounds circling the entire festival about 10 times and I ended buying coconut juice two times. It was so good! I also ran into Arnie after not seeing him for a few years, so it was nice catching up with him. Oh yeah, there was also an odd abundance of pervo men this year makingcimg0716 moves at my sister; kind of disgusting. After being there for about five hours we stocked up on mangoes and sticky rice and headed back to the car. Being the thrifty person that he is, my dad didn’t want to pay $10 to park at a decent spot earlier today, so we decided to park a block away at an El Pollo Loco parking lot. Ghetto much? It turns out that the parking lot was “Private Property” so of course they were towing car after car. We were so lucky that we left the festival just in time for our van not to be towed. I hope my dad learned his lesson, hah!

4 days left
June 25, 2008

Every day I sign onto Flickr in hopes of new pictures and videos of Riley, that is how much I miss my Godchild. Surprisingly, I’m counting down the days until I can babysit for my cousin again. Only 4 more days left until I make my way home to enter the wonderful world of jet lag. For some reason it’s a little harder and it takes a little longer for me to fully adjust to the time when I’m back home in California, but that should be the least of my worries because I have plenty of free time. We blessed my parents’ apartment 2 days ago and then decided to visit the zoo right after. Me, my dad, and my sister spent the most amount of time in the monkey section because watching them play is somewhat amusing and peaceful at the same time. Shopping at MBK was probably the best part of this trip. Although I didn’t buy much for myself, stressing over gifts for everyone at home and bargaining at each and every vendor we found appealing was a blast. At this very moment we just got home from an overnight trip to Pattaya. Pattaya is the place where prostitutes are more available to you than bottled water. It was a whole different experience for me and my sister; it was obvious we were in shock at the high numbers of hookers waiting in bars at night. It was even more shocking to find plenty of old men hand in hand with them walking together and enjoying the nightlife. We watched a show last night called Ms. Tiffany, a show full of women in outrageous but beautiful outfits. Each and every girl on stage looked great, but there is only one thing wrong, they were actually all men. It’s pretty sad when a guy beats you in the looks department as a girl. The beach at Pattaya wasn’t as beautiful as the one in Krabi, but the water was still sea blue and green. The hotel we stayed at wasn’t as glamorous as the one at Krabi either but to make up for it, the huge waterpark they provided us with was so fun and the view from our room was great! I definitely felt like I was dying when I was sliding down the huge and tall water slide, but it was my first time on one so it was pretty exciting. Despite the fact that prostitutes are lined up on every block in this city, the nightlife at Pattaya was busy and full of life, one day I’m planning to go back with friends only. They had rows and rows of souvenir vendors, not the crappy souvenirs but the ones worth buying for people back home. Before making our way back home today, me and my family had the chance to visit a garden/elephant zoo. We watched a traditional Thai dance on stage and to follow we watched a cute elephant show. Me and my sister had the chance to feed bananas to a lot of different well-trained elephants, from baby ones to older ones. I also had the chance to bottle feed a baby tiger and take pictures with two lazy, but cute, orangutans. I’m pretty wiped out from today, I’ve managed to desperately snap a couple of pictures at the place before the battery ran out which was a complete bummer. Tomorrow we’re planning on visiting my mom’s side for one last time, after that my mom, sister, auntie, and I are getting our nails done! It’s so funny how every year we cram every little thing into our schedule for the last days that are left here. See you guys soon!

day nine
June 15, 2008

Aside from possible deadly mosquito bites I’ve been getting every night, everything here is good. I’m pretty burned out from a 6 hour walk at Jatuchak, which is one of the world’s biggest outdoor shopping area I’ve been to. Here they sell a variety of products from chic clothes and accessories to pet fish and birds. I couldn’t help but stop at every store that sold baskets and baskets of puppies. Surprisingly, I didn’t buy much because the whole atmosphere was so overwhelming that I couldn’t focus on purchasing anything for myself (all I could think about was buying everything for Riley, especially all the toys and baby clothes). A few days before, we took a walk around Central Mall and it turns out they have 3D Japanese style nails everywhere! The best thing about it is that it only cost $30 (that makes it about $70 less than the ones in L.A.), so I made sure that I’d have a free day to get them done before I leave Bangkok :]

Everyday that I’m here makes me miss my potential second family at home (Tam, Desi, and Riley). Thanks Desi, for posting recent pictures of Riley! We’re all enjoying them over here. Keep them coming! I miss you guys so much :[ See you in 2 weeks.

June 11, 2008

Hi everyone! Greetings from Thailand. Right now it is almost 4PM here. I haven’t had fast enough of an internet connection (plus the patience) to post any kind of updates. Unfortunately, I’ll have to post all the pictures once I get back home to California because I can’t stand waiting half an hour to upload just 5 pictures. Krabi, Thailand was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. The ocean is a sea green clear and the weather is absolutely perfect. The hotel we stayed at was its own private island with a phenomenal beachfront. The pool was massive and the jacuzzi on top had a perfect view of the ocean. Some scary events also happened while me and my family were at Krabi, but rest assured, everything is totally fine. Let’s see, it’s only been about 4 days and I’ve probably gained a ton of weight from all this food I’m constantly stuffing in every other hour. On the other hand, half the food that goes in are fruits so I guess it’s not too bad. So, it’s time for me to go! There’s not much else going on besides eating more than we can handle everyday and shopping for bootleg products on each block we pass. See you!

BKK, here I come.
June 5, 2008

Today is the official day for my departure to Bangkok, Thailand. My flight leaves at around 11PM tonight but we’re leaving the house about 4 hours earlier. My sister insisted that I stay wide awake and miss out on my nap today so that I would have a nice long sleep on the flight tonight. It’s not surprising that 15 minutes later she’s fast asleep smack dab next to Riley. I’m already burned out because my cramps stabbed me out of nowhere this morning along with my “youknowwhat.” I think I’m going to take a quick half hour nap before the little monster wakes up again. See you again in Thailand :]

step one, done.
June 4, 2008

Babysitting, day 3 of 4. My dad put on Martian Child for me today in his office and I didn’t pay much attention to it. It’s a little hard when Riley has a thousand attempts to climb what he thinks I am: Mount Vicky. In actuality, babysitting Riley is not as hard as I make it out to be. The only challenge in babysitting him is the non-stop squirming he has going on 95% of the time that he’s awake. That’s pretty much it.

Today me and Franco went to Little Tokyo Shabu Shabu for dinner and he did not touch the vegetables that it came with, which obliterates the whole point of a complete “Shabu Shabu” dinner set. Not only is my boyfriend a complete carnivore, he’s also clogging his arteries with imported junk food from the Philippines. Not good. After dinner he decides to stuff himself with a crepe filled with bananas, Nutella, and whipped cream. I can honestly tell you that Genki Living has the best crepes around town. I’m not a crepe person but I’m a Genki Living Crepe person for that matter. CAUTION (ROMANTIC): I’m going to miss you babe, and there won’t be one day that I’m not thinking about you while I’m there. 3 weeks is nothing, I’ll be back in your arms before you know it and expect a lot of pasalubong(s) when I get back. I love you!

Tomorrow is the big day. I’ll be filing onto the plane in about 24 hours and dreading the motion sickness ahead of me. Like 2 years ago, my plane will not be making a pit stop at Japan, we’re heading straight for Thailand and that means 16 hours of non-stop air way.

So I came home and checked what was left in the mail for me and guess what I received! Step 1, mission accomplished.

May 29, 2008

Father’s Day is coming up in a little over 2 weeks and I am proud to announce that I’ve already purchased my Daddy’s gift! I remembered him complaining about losing his last digital camera a few months ago and he didn’t have the heart to buy himself another one right away. So I took the liberty of looking up different kinds of digital cameras online. My search was for a Canon with great performance that is also within my $200 budget (with,of course, the help of Desi). One of the cons of the Canon Powershot SX100IS is that it runs solely on rechargeable AA batteries, but other than that the camera is favorable in all other aspects, especially in picture taking. Duh.

My trip to Thailand is approaching in exactly 7 days (next Thursday) and I don’t know how I’m going to deal with not being able to see Riley, Tammy, Desi, Franco, and Pudge for 3 whole weeks! I guess this vacation is kind of a bittersweet indulgence on my part. I’ll be sure to do a lot of shopping for you guys and take plenty of pictures. Unfortunately, I still haven’t even begun to pack and not to mention the loads of laundry I still have yet to complete. Expectedly, every year the week before we leave me, my dad, and my sister struggle to fight over the laundry machine while my mom’s suitcases has already been neatly lined together weeks before. It’s obvious she’s the most anxious person in our family that wants to go back home. She’s not the only one!

mi casa es su casa…
May 8, 2008

…if you are willing to hop on a 16 hour flight that is. Although the house looks ginormous in the pictures, I can honestly tell you that the consequences of having a 3 story house in Thailand is that it can be scary and nerve wrecking at night. This is what I get to go home to every year.