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Dear Daddy


Nikon D60

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After months of deliberation and indecisiveness, I’ve finally purchased a D-SLR camera; a refurbished Nikon D60 to be exact. It’s a practical, entry level D-SLR and on top of that, it was in my price range. However, I didn’t purchase the lens, just the camera body. I’m still waiting for Amazon to restock on a certain lens my cousin recommended to me. He’s also responsible for finding me the Nikon for $349. Haven’t you heard? He’s my own personal human gadget-encyclopedia :] This will be perfect for taking pictures on the cruise to Alaska. My dad has several Nikon lenses that I can use on the trip so I better start reading up on some “how-to’s” and picture-taking techniques

i’m bake-sick

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cupcakeAs most of you know, my kitchen is still being renovated and my family has been cooking on our BBQ grill for the past month. As of today, the kitchen cabinets have been put in and stained a beautiful rich dark brown. I will be sure to post pictures once it’s completely finished. The appliances have not been put in yet, but the only one I’m actually concerned about is the oven. My oven (since no else physically uses it). My grandma will no longer use this oven as a storage area for her skillets and pans because my mother said so. I’m a brat, I know. Nonetheless I’m anticipating the installation of my brand new oven which hopefully is today. I need to get back to baking stat because I’m having withdrawals. It’s mostly Bakerella’s fault, her darn blog always inspires me. For the past few days, I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect butter cream icing recipe and tips on decorating cupcakes. Although I’ve never been fond of using them, I’m deciding on actually trying out the decorating bags. For starters, I’ll practice with a 1M tip on wax paper and then move on to cupcakes. I don’t know if any of you noticed, but the red velvet cake mix has been lacking in the supermarkets this year. I have no idea why they’ve been taken off the shelves, but now they’re coming back. I’ve never tried the red velvet mix before, so just in case the supermarkets decide to ban them again, I went ahead and bought 3 boxes. These will be the cupcakes I make to practice my icing skills. Augh! I want my kitchen back now!

Well, in 3 weeks I’ll be on a cruise to Alaska! This year, I have no reason to dread the plane ride or the seasickness because my physician has written me a prescription for these (expensive but very effective) motion sickness prevention patches that go behind my ear (I’m not too sure of the actual name but if you’re interested just ask me and I’ll find out). Note: These are not over the counter patches you buy at a local drugstore. Unlike Dramamine, these patches will not make you sleepy and one patch can last up to 3 days (or until you shower). Yay patches!

Today I have to take my mom to Kaiser in LA for a colonoscopy (TMI, I know). She can’t eat any solid foods, just jello and fluids. I, on the other hand, will drive my butt to Kyochon and order myself a 4 peice drumstick. Yum.

a pet lump

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Today, I went to the physician check out this inconspicuous marble sized lump that sits right on top of my jaw line. It doesn’t jut out of my skin so you can’t see it at all. The only way you would be able to feel it is if you pressed into my jaw semi-hard. The Doctor asked me some questions and then proceeded to palpate my cheek (well, jaw). “It’s a cyst. Absolutely harmless and quite normal. As long as it doesn’t grow bigger in a short amount of time, it doesn’t have to be removed,” he says. He also adds that if I were to surgically remove it, they would do it from the inside of my mouth so that a scar won’t be left on my skin. I’m definitely not going under the knife if it doesn’t interfere with my health and well-being. But, I’m probably going back every few months for the Doctor to check it for precautionary reasons of course.

not really goodbye

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Sadly, yesterday was my last day at the Vet Clinic so I decided to make a pit stop at a bakeshop in Chino Hills called Dolcissimo to buy cupcakes for my co-workers. I still can’t believe I blew $75 on 2 dozen cupcakes. The only thing I disliked about Dolcissimo was the fact that they charged me for boxes other than one that fit 12 cupcakes. For instance, I wanted to separate 12 cupcakes into 2 boxes of 6, so they went ahead charge an extra dollar for each box. Lame. The Doctor ended up loving the cupcakes and ate two of them on the spot. He’s not allowed eat sweets in front of his wife or he’ll never hear the end of it, not surprising. Speaking of Mrs. E, I didn’t get to say goodbye to her, but I doubt she cares. Haha! Speaking of goodbyes, I’m going to miss working there. I’m going to miss seeing the frequent clients that come in every single week. I’m going to miss the smell of scrub soap and the cold sterile tray (weird, I know). I’m going to miss my co-workers of whom I’ve learned most from while I was there. I’m going to miss that fact that we’re probably the only vet clinic that doesn’t have a computer and still uses manual filing. I’m going to miss hearing Dr. Evans ask “You know what I’m sayin’?!” every 5 minutes to the most irrelevant situations. Most of all, I’m going to miss the animals. Well, they were the main the reason I loved working there in the first place. The Dr. has already let me know that I’m welcome back anytime if I ever change my mind in the future. He’s definitely an unforgettable boss. Oh! I forgot to mention that I spoke to Dr. Maas over the phone a couple of days ago and he sounded much better than usual. He’s already up and about and almost fully recovered :]

Mother’s Day was fun. We had a small BBQ at my Auntie’s house in Brea and inevitably I overate. I made the mistake of feeding Pudge some human food that day and he ended up pooping diarrhea all over my Aunt’s grass. He then scooted his butt on the grass for about half a minute, which ended in a uproar of laughter from my family watching him do so. Fun stuff.

I finally ordered my mom’s gift today on; guess what she wanted? Another darn L.A.M.B. purse.

Last year’s gift                        This year’s gift

lastyear thisyear

You never really leave a place or person you love. Part of them you take with you, leaving a part of yourself behind.”



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Just a warning. There is a 88% chance I’m moving my blog to Tumblr. The templates are so much…trendier.


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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, I would type out a bunch of excuses but let’s just say I’ve been lazy. So, first things first. I’ve already given the bad news of quitting my job at the clinic and I’m currently putting in my two weeks starting today. The doctor was nice enough to say that he’ll miss me and he wished me good luck with everything. He said and I quote “You are the nicest and sweetest girl I’ve ever met. You are so respectful and your parents raised you so well,” and then he gave me a hug :[ It’s hard finding a boss like Dr. E, I’m going to miss working for him and with my co-workers. This morning I drove into work to find Dr. E’s car in the parking lot. While I was putting on my makeup in the car for about 10 minutes until Dr. E comes out and opens my car door.

“Good morning, Victoria! Did you hear about Dr. Maas?”
“No, what’s wrong?”
“He had a heart attack on Thursday.”
“Oh my gosh…”

Unfortunately, Dr. M (the one I usually work with on Mondays and Tuesdays) had a severe heart attack on Thursday while riding his bike. He underwent quadruple bypass surgery and will be in the hospital until Friday. It was shocking to hear this and also a little heart breaking. Every Monday and Tuesday, before lunch time, I would pop my head into his office with a, “See you later, Margarita!” and he would happily be eating his salad and always some form of fish for lunch (yeah, healthy dude). His only demise was his absolute love for chocolate and having me as an assistant who brought chocolate almost every week didn’t help the situation. It turns out his father and uncle had passed away due to heart attacks, sad to say that for Maas-Man, it’s hereditary. He’ll be recovering from all this until July and I’ll be gone in a week. I won’t even get to say good bye to him in person and tell him that it was an honor to work for him also, but I’ll be sure to leave him some chocolate cupcakes and a card. Please keep him in your prayers.

On the upside, me and my family are going on a cruise in beginning of June to Alaska. Well, we actually have to fly to Vancouver first and then board the cruise from there. I’m definitely not looking forward to puking on the plane ride and then going on-board a cruise only to go through sea sickness again. I’m going to need tons and tons of Dramamine. Oh daddy, why did you give me the motion sickness gene?

Oh and Mothers Day is coming up. What the heck do I get my mom? She claims to want a L.A.M.B. purse again, but we’ll see. It can never be a surprise because that woman is picky.

Yuri Jap Cafe Truck

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Every time I go to Melrose I blog about Yuri Japanese Cafe and how great their rolls and teas are. My sister and I have been urging the owner to franchise out to Rowland Heights because Melrose is just too far of a drive. The owner then tells me to follow Yuri on Twitter so I came home later that day and did. He then Twitters me a few weeks later and asked if I was the girl from Rowland Heights and, if I was, to call him because he had good news. So I call and he tells me the good news. There is now a Yuri Truck serving chicken and beef bowls and they’re coming here to Rowland Heights 😀


4 things

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Hello guys and gals! I just realized a few days ago that I haven’t been blogging in list form lately so here it is.

1) Leaving school this week was a bittersweet parting, but I’m looking on the bright side: no more school until 10PM in the middle of nowhere! It was pretty discouraging when everyone around you was on their way home while I’d be on my way to school. So, that’s definitely a plus. I officially start at my dad’s work on Monday Tuesday, fuuun.

2) Today, I took my mom to Costco to buy some fruits and whatnot;  a quick trip to the market turned into a model home tour in Walnut. It may seem odd and old-ladyish of me, but one of my fetishes is taking walking through brand new model homes for no reason. Weird, I know.

3) Franco was suppose to have the day off from work due to Armenian Genocide Day, but his boss decided to change his mind at the last minute and open the store so our beach plan was ruined. Thanks. Instead we ended up catching the new movie called Obsessed and we really enjoyed it. Ali Larter played an awesome obsessive psychopath and Beyonce was such a bad-ass.

4) I finally gave in and bought a PediPaws nail trimmer. Expectedly, Pudge tried resisting  with all of his strength the first time I tried, but I didn’t let him go and actually had the chance to  file down 2 nails. Success! He’ll definitely be comfortable with it in a few days.

Good night.